Wanted Verite closed camphor burl

Currency: usd
Ships to: usd

Looking for camphor burl trying to replace the one I sold.


I feel you dude! I’d be heart broken if I sold my camphor burl and tried to recoup one. I wish you all the good luck in finding one. I’ve seen a couple pop up. I use hifi shark that searches across the internet in one search engine and I’d check that a few times a day to catch one being listed quickly. The one on headfi get snatched up quickly but the ones on eBay,audiogon and usaudiomart have a longer window room of listing lengths.

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I have a VC camphor burl that I wish to sell. The headphone comes with ZMF’s standard 1/4" single-ended cable. I also have an unused Katalox Salire headphone stand that I would prefer to sell as a bundle with the headphones, but I’m flexible about whether they go together or not.

I used the VC for about a month and then decided to sell it. I’ve been stalling on actually getting them onto the market, because, you see, I’ve been using headphone forums for about a year but in read-only mode. I imagined that before I could viably sell on the headphone forums, I would have to make some posts to establish some sort of reputation (at least a proof of existence as a genuine hobbyist and trustworthy person). I thought I would write up a review of my VC, compare them to my other headphones that I decided to keep instead (Focal Stellia and HEDDphone).

I have more photos, showing different angles, etc., if you’re interested. I’d be happy to talk on the phone to help with comfort level.

Let me know if you’d like to consider working toward an arrangement.