Hey Guys (and Gals),
I am waiting on my Schiit Modi 3/Vali 2 package to be delivered.
I have been using the trial version of JRiverMC25. In the DAC settings, there are several WASAPI, DoP and ASIO options. I was wondering if there is a good simple straight forward recommendation as to what settings to use to obtain optimal benifit from this player. Can someone recommend a “dummies” article to help me begin to understand these type of settings.


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DoP (DSD over PCM) is only for DSD content, which the Modi 3 you have on order will not play, so you can forget about that one.

ASIO or WASAPI, properly configured, are useful because they can bypass the Windows internal System Mixer and System Volume controls, which means a simpler path with no “effects”, “processing” or “sample rate conversion” being applied, and can be more efficient (lower latency).

ASIO is a third-party standard, originally developed by Steinberg. It often requires a wrapper to use, called “ASIO4ALL” (which has it’s own issues), and/or requires ASIO compliant drivers for the DAC.

WASAPI is a Microsoft standard, has two modes of operation, and the simple version is if you want unmolested data (i.e. a reliable way of getting bit-perfect, un-processed) to your DAC then WASAPI in Exclusive mode is what you want to use.


IIRC, I was able to use ASIO with M0di MB with Jriver, can’t recall if it was the Schiit driver, jriver or generic asio driver, asio4all does not work well for me. If ASIO does not work, just use Wasapi Exclusive mode, you’ll hear the same sound.

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Thanks for the info.
I know I could have googled these terms but for now I wanted a basic understanding of these terms.
Torq and Kerplunk both suggested using Wasapi Exclusive mode in JRiver. That is where I will start when the amp/dac arrives (hopefully today!)
Thanks Again

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