What is your "best headphone related" item for under 50

This is a bit of a weird one but I’m wanting to put together a video for my YouTube channel regarding headphone items that are worth buying under 50€ (around $60).

Apart from doing a bit of a shootout of the IEMs and other stuff I have reviewed in this price bracket over the past months, I would love to have some submissions from others.

So, if you care to play, what would you say is the best headphone related item you can purchase for 50€/$60 or less.

It can be tips, cables, IEMs, adaptors, tubes, whatever you fancy, as long as it fits the headphone world.

My plan will be to feature just screen shots and specs of the item (if I don’t have it) and if the submitter agrees, mention the username of who submitted it. However, if you own the item and want to share a photo of it that I can use in the video, it would also be greatly appreciated.

(note: the Koss Portapro and KSC75 will definitely be featured, so I am looking for other stuff, so if you feel that the PP or KSC are the best deal for less than $60, maybe you could share your second option :wink: )


This is a nice idea, especially with the winter solstice gift-giving season approaching. My wife likes to surprise me with “stocking stuffer” gifts for headphones (I know, I’m very lucky):

  • iFi ear buddy and iEMatch
  • Generic omega-shaped headphone stand (or others that might be better for not compressing the pads)
  • Vinyl record cleaning accessories

I’ll also add a couple of others:

  • a little Pelican case, the 1010 micro one, for storing IEMs (small packs of desiccant could be another item for the list!)
  • Azla Sedna tips of various kinds (these have been a great find this year, thanks to the recommendations I’ve read here)
  • Schiit Audio PYST 6” cables

I could add more but I don’t want to be a list hog!


Agreed, it’s amazing how many even portable amps have issues with low impedance easy to drive IEM’s, it doesn’t just drop the volume level/noise floor on both my Hip DAC and Chord Mojo it changes the tonality of the Sarda’s.

Also a big fan of the Symbio tips, both the Hybrids and the W Peels.

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x. My daughter has this pair. Simple under $50,

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One of the best high value products in headphone related gear under $60 usd is the ‘Slappa’ headphone case. The quality and durability of this thing is really great. I got mine for around $25 including tax and shipping.

Also around $40 usd is the Avantree DG60 USB sound card and Bluetooth transmitter. The standard version is currently capable of ‘AptX HD’ 16 bit/44khz. (I was able to obtain a 24/48 version, Pm me if you have questions about this). Since the Windows 10 OS only allows the lower standard ‘AptX’, this is the best way to upgrade your windows Bluetooth listening experience. The increased dynamic range is readily apparent in a better, more airy, soundstage. It also extended the BT range in and around my house by 20-30 feet.



The original closed back Chinese headphone, the ISK MDH9000, also exists as 5 or 6 “clones” under different brandnames. These are identical except for very minor color & branding factors, and sound identical, as well (I own or owned 4 of them).

Sonically these HPs punch well above their weight.

Prices fluctuate wildly. My favorite of the clones is the Marantz MPH-2. Another is linked below (I had one of these & gave it to a friend):


The earpads actually look pretty comfy. Are they?

Yes. They’re pleather, not lambskin or leather, so can get fairly hot in summer. But they are comfy…

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The Wahl Lithium-Ion Multi-Groom. $39.95 list in the USA

Paves the way for easy insertion of IEMs into old, hairy ears. Improves appearance of old, hairy ears if writing reviews. Also useful for other tasks, and for when people call you “pelotudo”.


The Hidizs Sonata HD is a pretty great value.

Adds that extra little something to the sound on a lot of different headphones.


I can’t imagine ever going back to swapping RCA cables for comparisons after getting this:

Also available in this style too:

I currently have 4 amps connected to one DAC and a Loki.


Yaxi pads for Koss PP/KSC75.
Yaxi ST2 pads for various AT headphones.

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Rubber feet spacers for DAC/Amp. Good for stacking while allowing for some airflow.


For long straight cables. Comes in many colors.

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Superlux HD 681 EVO - I paid under $40 new… That and the Koss KSC 75 are my
favorite headphones for under $50 new…

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The Geekria cases are pretty good, too. Just be careful when trying to figure out which exact one you want for your headphones. It can get a bit confusing.

I think there are two screaming values in cables at under $50.

The first is Blue Jeans BJC LC-1 interconnects, which are $37 for 3 feet.

The second is the modular headphone cable system from Hart Cables, which just fit the budget depending on what you get, e.g. for $49, you can buy a cable for your Focals with a 3.5mm connector for your DAP. But the bigger value is that the modular system allows you to buy new “components” with different connectors at an incremental cost. And if your initial budget had been $4 higher, you could have chosen a custom sleeve color, e.g. there are more than 20 different patterns in purple.


Superlux 681 headphones from Thomann Germany 19.90 €. I have two modded and I bought also these to my son and daughter for Christmas present. I own also modded 681 Evos (29.90 €) which are not so good.


Schiit Sys and JDS Labs OL Switcher

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I had forgotten totally about those (mainly because they are neared 100 when they make it over here).

I would love to find a black Sys and Loki!

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