What is your favorite sub-525 gram headphone

I thought it be fun to see what you see is your favorite headphone that weighs less than 525 grams.

We know LCD-4 726 grams, RAD-0 599 grams, and Heddphone 700 grams do not make the cut.

There is no budget limit?


HiFiMan Susvaras
Nectar Sound The Hive


How Dare I forget The ol mighty and lightweight Koss PortaPros!

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That’s a fairly specific target, did I miss a meeting?

Utopia. Auteur.

All these incredibly specific threads for “favorite” gear, honestly, kind of annoys me. I’m not sure what they are meant to accomplish, and it just seems like thread clutter and unnecessary. If you’re looking for a light pair of headphones, ask in the general thread. Just my 2c.

But, on topic, koss porta pros.

All my other headphones will snap the necks of mere mortals, as it should be.


Load me up! I can take it!!

Remember your not supposed to wear your T4 as a hat though.

Welcome to the public internet, :rofl:

Maybe just fun?
It will be interesting to see what others have and see what falls on the same arena of comfort.
I found it useful :smiley:

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ZMF Aeolus, but I am sure there are “better”.


I have my eyes on this for a while, very nice to know that they are not “too heavy”

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I think they are the most all round comfortable headphone I own and they have a very pleasing “get lost in the music” sound signature. You should get a demo if you can, and if they are on your short list. I’m curious about that weight limit though. The Verite Closed are better imho (although demand a bit more attention!) and my LTD pair are 549g so not much more. I feel the fact they are closed much more than the 100g or so in extra weight and in some ways they are more “snuggly” with thicker pads.


Super awesome info! Thanks!

My precious Carbon Final mk3.1


To me this about focused constraint aka keeping your headphone at 1LBS or less. Sometimes it good to think about what we putting on our head. Why I am really asking.

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My Hitlist for the Mid-weight class - These are all great sounding cans.

Some day I may try the SR1a headphone which is only ~425 grams

If weight matters to you, you know now of a couple of great headphones you can try.


amazing list! thanks for posting it!

Just got it but not mentioned in the thread Diana V. 2 from Abyss. Otherwise agree with Susvara.

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My favorite ligher weight: Emu Teaks
Super light weight: Koss Porta Pros (hehehe).


Diana V.2 Looks fantastic nice low weight at 330 grams


ohhhh very nice! congrats!

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Meze Empyrean, 430 grams

Is this the equivalent of drawing voting district lines and setting the weight limit to include the Verite. I’m kidding.