What music have you been listening to this past week?

And find Mayte Martin. De Fuego y de Agua. She sings and twin sisters play two pianos, Katia and Marielle Labecque.

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Love the last two War on Drugs albums. I’m not a Kurt Vile fan. You blew my mind when you said he was a member. Then I realized he left 7-8 years ago.


I prefer War on Drugs over Kurt Vile. But I like both. :slight_smile:

The first War on Drugs album has Vile singing on it and it’s a little different sounding than their latest stuff.


Was sort of finger-walking through TIDAL this afternoon, trying out the Sennheiser IE 40 Pro IEMs, and I came across Lizzo. I highly recommend the track “Jerome”

Lizzo is well recorded, gives the IEMs a workout, and has a gorgeous voice, if a bit of a potty mouth. Below is the You Tube official audio. I have a sneaking admiration for this music.

Oh yeah, also listened to a classic James Brown that is no, not highly recommend, but UNCONDITIONALLY recommended.

Find it on the music service of your choice, crank the volume, and LISTEN. If you have speakers and distant neighbors, all the better.


So … just “listening to” might not cover this one.

Apparently the combination of the Cayin N8, tia Fourté, unprecedentedly lovely Seattle weather, a couple of glasses more than was likely advisable of a 24 year old Teeling whiskey (I’m normally a single-malt Scotch drinker) and “The Irish Rover” (perhaps my favorite version can be found on “The Best of the Pogues”, and is a traditional variation performed with “The Dubliners”) … can lead to “singing”* … on the deck … in full ear-shot of the waterfront.

*Or, at least, highly vocal drunkeness.

I am pretty sure the bemused staring was not born of admiration for my latent vocal talents.

No cats were mangled in this “performance”, even if it may have sounded that way.


And for something completely different …

Transvision Vamp’s” debut album “Pop Art”:


Electro Swing and a bit of Neo Swing:


On interesting music. First, my wife sang in a choir that played Prokofiev’s Alexander Nevsky. From my mezzanine seat in the Thousand Oaks concert place, the volume never reached 100 db. She told me the conductor had to control the volume the orchestra was playing or it would drown out the 70 so singers. The sound was very, very nice. There was a Thaikovsky violin concerto before that sounded nice too.

Also, i was reminded of a concert a few years ago in downtown town Los Angeles by the Uruguayan singe/songwriter Jorge Drexler. We went early and he spent almost one full hour going over the sound with his engineer. They were both very particular about everything related to the sound. Another group also did sound testing and they lasted probably 10 minutes. When the concert started, the other band sounded pretty bad while Drexler’s sound was just incredible. I saw him live one other time and the sound was equally outstanding. You can also catch how good all his records are. A few years ago he won an Oscar for Del Otro Lado del Rio (Guevara’s film). Drexler is an ENT doctor and I wonder if he has a better sense of sound as a result of his professional/science training. If you speak or understand Spanish, his music is a not to be missed. The production is almost always wonderful. On speakers and on headphones.


One more listening recommendation. Again in Spanish (I am Hispanic, so there goes the reason for many options), listen to Buika, Mienteme Bien from her album Niña de Fuego. Voice and piano sound really intimate and cristal clear.

Ok, just to be clear I am not religious and don’t believe in pushing beliefs on people, but an acquaintance I know is(religious, not a pushy one for clarification lol)and they were demoing some of my gear and brought my attention to the following track and Live album of this Christian band…and I may not be religious, but I can appreciate good music when I hear it =)

This track is the track I liked the most, it just sounds good to me, the acoustics, organ, vocals, man I just like it! lol also surprise twist roughly about half way through:

This next track I’ve been pretty addicted to for the past two weeks:

Another three tracks I keep coming back to over the past two weeks:


This is just fun.

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I think you may like this…it was made more popular by a certain Cyber punk game trailer recently… Which I’m very much excited for!


Unfortunately, I can only award one like instead of two. One for 2077, another for this track.

OMG I want this game to release soon!


Concur!!! I 100% the last Witcher game all the way to Blood and Wine DLC…needless to say Samurai and Cyberpunk are my other two favorite genre of games… that and indie games especially side scrollers… my latest favorite is Katana Zero mmmm…I may need to run through that game again…

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It may be completely different, but I hear shades of The Velvet Underground.

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On the topic of cyberpunk… (NSFW, probably)

The name of the song is Clockwork by Hyper.
The video is from the TV show Love, Death & Robots, ep. “Sonnie’s Edge”.


I’ll omit the specifics, but the last five days have had me firmly ensconced in the rich musical embrace of Nashville, TN.

I am not, at the best of times, what one might reasonably describe as a country music “fan”. I have no particular disdain for it; I don’t turn it off it comes on the “radio” (or whatever passes for such in the various streaming tools I use), and there’s a decent number of genre-artists I think are, without question, fabulous … but I do not, broadly, seek it out - either.

It is, as with many things, “a different beast” when experienced in person. Be it live performances at the “Grand Ole Opry” or at one of the Honky Tonk bars on Broadway … I have been resolutely spoiled over the last few days. So much so, that I wound up buying a whole bunch of country material that would normally be relegated to streaming-listening, loading it up on the Cayin N8 (which I actually took with me … normally I’d consider something like it too heavy/large for a short trip), and just “indulging”.

Well worth the time if you’re in the area … hell, well worth the time for a dedicated visit.

Now … I did not make it to Memphis on this trip … I think that warrants an excursion of it’s own …


Good for you. Many styles of music are to me like cheese. Much better when disclosure rules don’t make you add the word “product” to the box. American cheese? That’s OK. American Cheese Product? Not so much.

I don’t care so much for Western (Hollywood) music product, either. Or pop music product.

The obligatory non sequitur is that when an interviewer asked Frank Zappa to describe what kind of music he created, he simply replied, “Pop”.


New album dropped today from The Heavy. If you like a bit of rock and soul with lots of horns…