Indie Music Discussion

Figured I would start up an Indie Music thread as I see there isn’t one yet.

I first started getting into indie music back in 2010 and its been an on and off relationship since then. I tend to go into monthly music listening sessions where I will be focused on one genre completely and then swap back to another. Indie music is one that I come back to often.

I also find indie music to be some of the best to see live as the atmosphere is usually pretty fantastic and tickets are cheap (always a plus!).

Just going to start the thread off with a couple well-known and not so well-known songs.


I like the flor:hold on video. I used to make balsa, silkspan, and dope models that fit .049 Thimble Drone engines. And I flew them in my dreams just like that.

In real life, I crashed a few 'Ukie" (U-Control) model airplanes.

Here is a great band that came out around that time…the new stuff isn’t as good to me but YMMV
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Love Hollow Coves. Thanks for sharing.


Florence and the Machine just put out a couple of Spotify singles last month, they are another fun great “indie” group:

I was at the Chvrches concert this past Saturday at the Paramount in Seattle. They were alright. I think I prefer their older records over their newer stuff but the new album is produced quite well. The opening band, Lo Moon, was actually quite good. I started listening to them the day of the show and I have really grown to like their music a lot.

I agree the older stuff is better, but the new stuff is produced very well. I’ll look into Lo Moon!