New Music Thread


What new music are you guys listening too? Please limit to music released in the last year or so.


This looks promising, a new Jon Hopkins album, Singularity.


Thanks for the recommendation.

I’m going to ping @taronlissimore on this one as he’s my main source for new music. I think the newest stuff I’m listening to right now is from Glass Animals.

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Phoebe’s ‘Stranger in the Alps’ album is probably my favourite release this year. I must have listened to this mash-up with her and Noah Gunderson (also great) 100x today.


Dude, that is good. There’s a lot of M50x in that video


A new John Prine album is always a treat: Tree of Forgiveness.


A little more on the indie side, FRENSHIP released “1,000 nights” which I quite like. It reminds me a bit of Bastille.

A R I Z O N A’s “Gallery” is another album I have been enjoying.

George Ezra “Staying at Tamara’s”

For rap, NF’s “Perception” is pretty great along with WItt Lowry’s “I Could Not Plan This”.

For some fun EDM stuff, Jim Yosef just release a two new singles called “Breathe ft. Chris Linton” as well as “Imagine”.

And if you’re looking for some chill piano vibes with some acoustic guitar mixed in and female vocals, DJ Okawari just released the album “Restore”


I love Glass Animals! One of my favorites from them is Season 2 Episode 3.


Definitely - I’m listening to it right now!

Big fan of most of the Zaba album as well

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The brand new Frank Turner album, ‘Be More Kind’ came out today…It’s amazing!


I’m listening to an indie artist from New Mexico [] Blesinfinite has a Jazz infused Hip hop sound that is unique. Fun music with a touch of social/political commentary. Not what you would think coming from the Hip Hop genre.He uses live musicians on most of his work. Acoustic stand up bass, cello and an amazing array of guitarists. Sounds great on my Grado 125 headphones.

Blesinfinite- featuring Laura Cruz


Arcade Fire, Jack White , and Steve Earle.


Alina Engibaryan - “We Are”

I’ve really been enjoying this album by the Russian vocalist Alina Engibaryan. It’s produced by Michael League of Snarky Puppy. Amazing voice, and very fresh.

Jazz is what I listen to 90% of the time, but I think this is accessible to anyone who just likes great vocals.51WFq08CrDL


Nils Frahm - All Melody


I really liked this remix/remake…meh it sounds dope!


Great Voice. I went to Amazon link from post and it only shows mp3 buy. I’m not a fan of mp3. I was able to download via spotify. Can’t wait to listen to all of it. Thanks
This is going to be a great thread. :clap:


Mark Kozelek


The new Ghost album just came out. I’m listening to that quite a bit!

There’s a new Colour Me Wednesday album I’m really enjoying too.

Polkadot Stingray released their second mini-album not long ago, called Ichidaiji. I love this band so much that I had to figure out how to register and buy stuff on in order to get their CDs.


Wow she has a beautiful voice.

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