What music have you been listening to this past week?

Joni Mitchell — “Blue 50” - the Blue demos. Not bad. But the Blue album proper is far superior!

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I just found The Doobie Brothers through a podcast and never realized I needed such a thing in my life.


Heavily into Steve Moore’s Analog Sensitivity this week.


Zombi member and solo guy does a library record for KPM. Just a great chill listen through headphones and speakers while working and napping.

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Heck yeah man, Doobies are awesome!! Check out this ….

So many great ones on here….and well recorded. I’d be surprised if there aren’t a number of songs on here that you know but just didn’t know it was the Doobie Brothers. Or check out a greatest hit collection to get a more condensed version…they have a number of them.


Not to double post - especially in light of the fact that my selection for this week is in the classical realm. And really in the classical realm - not merely instrumental, or ancient, or romatic, or impressionist.


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Lizz Wright - Barley

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Lots and lots of jazz and Shostakovich this week.

Not normally a piano trio fan, but apparently Mehldau and I share a deep appreciation for Nick Drake.

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In anticipation of the 50th anniversary remix/remaster edition, I’ve been listening to George Harrison’s 1970 opus 3 disk set “All Thing Must Pass.” I was not aware that this album was the birthplace of Derek and the Dominoes - with performances by Eric C., Carl Radle, Jim Gordon to name a few. In particular I enjoy the casual Apple Jams and “Out of the Blue.”



Such a coincidence. This song caught my attention again last week and has rekindled a llove for George Harrison.

This has been on repeat all week. Great newer hardcore band.


oh shit, trout mask replica is streaming in qobuz in 24/96


It may well pre-date the birth of many of the members here, and be, at best, an obscure reference to many more … especially if you’re not an H.G. Wells fan, but this is something you should treat yourself to at least once.

And that is …

Jeff Wayne’s “Musical Version of The War of the Worlds”.

Production standards are off-the-chart-amazing. Recording/mastering are beyond reproach (long before the “loudness wars” fucked everything up). The music is catchy. The story, both raw and as musically portrayed, is compelling, emotional, and will draw you in, and hold your attention captive, very quickly.

It is incomprehensibly eerie, especially in the dark, alone, at night.

It’ll make you think.

AND feel.

It is a thematic (in a way that perhaps only John Williams has managed since, and even then not so subtly), and emotional, tour-de-force … with depth, nuance, invention, innovation, and while some of the individual tracks are nothing less than magnificent, the whole is even greater than the sum of its parts.

Do it.

Headphones on. Lights out. No distractions (your underwear will thank you).

All of it, in one go … for which you’ll need a little over an hour an a half.


@Torq - love love love that album, which I’ve vaguely known about for a while but only listened to fairly recently. Horsell Common and The Heat Ray is now one of my all-time favorites tracks.


When I walked into the 2 story Peaches Store lobby in OKC and came face to face with a scaled down Martian Tripod, heat ray aimed at the door / you, I knew I had to have that album.

That was 40 + years ago and I still remember the first time listening thru that masterpiece. Shivers up my spine still.

Mark Gosdin


This album was introduced to me when I was just about leaving Primary School.

It fired up my young imagination and gave me a great love of Sci-fi too.

It made a huge impression on me and I still love it to this day.


Its a good one… I’ve found I have been liking the Qobuz 24/96 version as well.