What's your rarest music purchase?

What’s the rarest music purchase you have made? Bootleg, original edition, etc.

For me it’s probably the Hansa Ton recordings of U2’s Achtung Baby “demos”. I was browsing in a record store in Copenhagen in 1991 when I came across a set of multiple LP bootlegs of an upcoming U2 album. I remember them being expensive and split the cost with a friend. The release of that bootleg was a bit controversial as U2 felt their privacy had been violated. For us fans, however, it was a fascinating view of (listen to?) their creative process.

Other bootlegs include a few of Dylan from his concerts in Sweden around the same time (early '90s).
I loved collecting 12" “maxi” singles as well. Mostly Swedish music from the early '80s.

I’d love to hear from you what your rarest purchases are. It could also be just your favorite music purchase even if it isn’t the rarest thing. Back in the day we would go to London and spend days in days out in record stores. For the longest time probably the most recurring dream I have is browsing through vinyl in small stores… ha ha.


Probably a tape of Jagger singing live wit an Aussie band in a hotel pub. The Brothers of Sodom. There’s a bit of this on YouTube, and there is a a bootleg, but I got my copy from someone I know involved with the tour Mick was on. The story is that they could not turn the tape off after the planned taping due to crowding.

Also have a Floyd’s of London vinyl bootleg probably made off the radio show.


I’ve no idea if they are rare but the only unusual records I have are an original US issue of The Man Who Sold The World album by David Bowie, an original first release Beatles ‘Please Please Me’ album without the cover (annoying) and the Magical Mystery Tour double single in the original book style cover.


I have/had a few rare original pressing 1960s-1970s prog/psych recordings.

One of the rarest might be this one, on Vertigo:

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Philip Glass’ “Music with Changing Parts” original Chatham Square first pressing with the double label, two records. Bought for around €30 on an eBay auction. It’s usually a very expensive set. Jacket isn’t perfect but vinyl are like new.

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