New Vinyl


I thought it would be cool to put up a thread for our new LPs/Vinyls/Records etc…

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I’ll start it off with my latest :grin:

Glass Animals Zaba

Such a fun record! @electrocrunch reminded me about it and I went searching for the limited run of it.


I’m awaiting the new Vale Of Pnath album and the accompanying reissue of their second album. Should be gorgeous and hopefully more dynamic-sounding than the digital release.
I don’t listen to vinyl much anymore, even after having amassed a small collection of about 50 records. It doesn’t make use of my subwoofer and I realized raw fidelity was more important to me than engagin in the intentional listening experience required by vinyl. However, I still buy records to support artists I really care about because I have a hard time paying for digital albums when I have Spotify Premium. Buying records is easier to justify.


I agree, I have an easier time supporting Vinyl records…especially the limited run ones…as they also tend to double as art and are more of a “collectible” so they potentially will gain value over time. =) so you could almost say it is an investment…the problem is that I have no intent in selling them lol.

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We do not need this thread.

Last year I sold away my two turntables and pretty much all my record collection (you’d be surprised how much you can sell records for used on ebay!) and went digital and back to CDs. Yea, CDs will be making a return to greatness soon, and with amazing DNR. Mark my words. :slight_smile:

Yea, we do not need this thread. I will be tempted to buy a player and records again, and my SO will be unhappy with more stuff lying around.


Very cool looking pressing.


Maybe you don’t care for vinyl. What about Shellac?


Being a composites guy, I tend to be drawn towards epoxy phenolics more and occasionally dive into Polyethether-ether-ketones.