Woo Audio WA11

Price: 900
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

For sale is my portable DAC/Amp Woo Audio WA11. I bought it second-handed, and the unit came with a single blemish that you can see in the bottom side of the unit (I’ve marked it in the photo). Other than that, it has no other cosmetic flaw and is in perfect working condition. I bought the unit in August 2019.

I’m selling it because since I got the DMP-Z1, I’ve not found much use for it and it would be a waste for such a good dac/amp combo to collect dust. :blush:

It has a warm, smooth signature being fed a digital connection from your transport and a humongous amount of power that can drive even the Diana Phi, and it drives it very well. I once brought the Diana Phi and the WA11 with me on a business trip and that made it quite enjoyable. I actually like the WA11 and WM-1Z better with my IER-Z1R than directly out of WM-1Z, as the 1Z doesn’t have enough juice to drive the IER-Z1R.

The WA11 is sold with all of its original packaging and accessories. The price includes Paypal fees and 3-day Fedex shipping to all continental United States.

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