WTB ZMF Verite closed

Currency: USD
Ships to: USA-MT

I’m looking for a VC in limited wood. My first choice would be un-stained burl but I’m open to others as well. Please let me know what you have and what you want for it. Thanks

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Kind of a hard one to find, especially the burl Ltd.s. But thankfully in due time Zmf will run another Ltd burl and/or have some available for Zmf November. Mostly LTD. woods get snatched up on headfi pretty quick but it always is good to check over there twice a day at least and hop you see one pop up for sale before anybody else notices. You can always save a search on hifishark which will let you know daily if any were posted across the internet notifying you via email although the notification goes out at the end of the day around 1am for the previous listings and very sought after LTD. woods are sometimes snatched up long before.

Post a WTB on headfi too.

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