[WTB] ZMF Verite Closed

Price: TBD
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA - Florida

Hi y’all! I wanted to put the feelers out in the community to see if anyone would like to part with their Verite closed headphones. I don’t really need any super special wood, though it would be nice. Monkey poo is fine too. Just would like them to be in very good condition. Looking for a balanced XLR cable with them as well, and preferably located in North America.



I personally don’t want headphones made of monkey poo :poop:

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:smiley: I’m worried there are some folks that will offer you some monkey poo.

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I saw those, love the wood, but not super fond of the burgundy hardware. Wife wasn’t crazy about them either. I know that’s being more picky than I should be, so I’m still considering them. Have a bad feeling that something else would come along right after I send the cash for those. That’s how my luck goes :man_shrugging:

You have to bake the monkey poo in a kiln until every grain of moisture is removed. Then the cups can be shaped using an industrial grade laser.
The left over bits, often referred to as “monkeypoowder” is then used to impregnate a one atom thick ribbon of nano hydrazine to create the driver material.
It’s a simple process really…


Process was developed by NASA. :rofl:

Actually NASA reverse engineered it from a crashed UFO that’s heat shielding was composed of 96% monkey poo. The other 4% doesn’t appear on the periodic table. But it is burgundy. :grin:


I actually had a set of “DooDooAudio Deuce MKii’s” made from this material. They were the :poop:…but you don’t want to get them wet. :monkey::speak_no_evil:

You guys are ruthless…

If you buy them you can upgrade the parts from Zmf and I would buy the used burgundy
Parts of you as I’d like to try them with my headphones. Just a thought

This kind of technology really brings an intimacy to the imaging and soundstage of the headset, as if the poo is all around you. Too much and it would sound like poo poo though

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That seems like an awful lot of work. Thanks for the offer though!

give me a PM… might be able to help you with your situation.

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Couldn’t edit the topic to “Found.” I’ve got a pair inbound tomorrow. Thanks for looking out for me though!

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