[WTS] DHC adapter

The market downturn hit hard this quarter for independent freelancers like me. Selling gear I believe I’ll be able to buy again at a later time even if for a loss.
Need the cash so will probably refuse trade offers but if it makes sense as part of my temporary downsizing feel free to try.

Prices are F&F and include shipping. Everything with original packaging.


  • Susvara 3.5mm - SOLD


  • Woo Audio WA23 - SOLD


  • Antipodes S30/S60/S20 - SOLD

Power & Accessories:

  • PS Audio PowerPlant 3 (black, mint) - SOLD

  • DHC Prion4 speaker taps spades to female 4pin XLR 2ft - SOLD

  • DHC Dual 3pin F-XLR to 4pin M-XLR 1ft - $350

Might add more stuff later.
For negotiations send me a message.


Will accept $250 for the adapter