WTT: Limited Edition iBasso SR1 headphones (F) Audioquest NightHawk or NHC, Aeon Flow Open, HE-500, HE-6SE, UM Mini Mest, Noble Kaiser 10, Gilmore Lite MK II

Looking to trade a pair of used-twice (literally) like new / mint condition Limited Edition iBasso SR1 headphones (#220 of 500 worldwide) with all original accessories and packaging for any of these cans / iems / amps / daps:

Audioquest NightHawk or Nighthawk Carbon
MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Open
Hifiman HE-500, HE-6SE (V1 or V2 / Adorama V2)
Snorry Planar-Magnetic Headphones
Fostex TH-610
Blue Ella
Oppo PM-1

Unique Melody Mini Mest, 3DT, Martian
Noble / Massdrop Kaiser 10

Gilmore Lite MK II
Soekris DAC1101, DAC1321
Schiit Bifrost Multibit (Original Version), Lyr 2, Lyr 3
Oriolus DAP (Can’t remember the name at the moment; sorry)
Rebel Amp
Monoprice / Cavalli Liquid Platinum

Sony NW-ZX2 / NW-ZX300, A-105
Astell & Kern DAPs
TheBit Opus (Any version)
Revamp Acoustics Nusana P1
Cowon Plenue (D3, R, M, etc)
Cayin N5, N5ii
Dethonray DTR1

If interested and you have any of this stuff, please hit me up. I appreciate it!!!

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I traded my Sony ZX2 for Ibasso SR1
mailed Saturday 3/12 and op confirmed delivery 3/14
waiting on the SR1

Hey Sike. The SR1 was shipped 3 days ago, so it should be arriving to you any time now (Thursday). I’d think that it would be with you by Monday, hopefully. Because of my work scheduling, I had to have a family member ship them for me and they pretty much failed to get me the tracking information afterwards. If all else fails, I’ll go down to the local USPS location they were shipped from myself Monday if you don’t receive them by that afternoon. Also, if you have USPS Informed Delivery you should be able to see the package and when it will arrive thru the app / website; it’s free, by the way. I apologise, man; please rest assured your headphones are on their way to you and that you’ll have them very soon 110%. Thanks again.

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As of today, I don’t have the package.
I don’t know how reliable the tracking is but USPS Informed Delivery don’t have any package coming to my address.

Just checked, looks like package is coming in …today

Hi @bogginhead,

After this post about your ban on AVexchange that had a couple of excuses along with another buyer having issues there are some immediate steps that need to be taken.

  1. Please provide the USPS tracking number immediately.
  2. If you are unable to provide the USPS tracking number within the next 24 hours, please return the item you accepted as a trade.

HI Taron. The SR1 were scheduled to be delivered today to Sike from what his earlier message said. I actually shared the information about the issue I had on AVexchange as a way to hopefully show complete and total honesty and transparency as to anything that (didn’t) happen(ed) in that unfortunate (and completely wrong / unfair) situation, as well as informing anyone who might want / need to know the real story there. If need be, I could send you screenshots and emails from the moderator I had to deal with regarding that, which would 110% show I’ve only told the truth here. Nevertheless, I wish it was different and wish the issue has been handled differently; I do love this community and wouldn’t ever for any reason even try to do anything other than be transparent and trustworthy with anyone here for any reason. I hope this response came out in the way it was meant to, which is with total respect / honesty towards you Taron; please forgive me if it sounded negative in any way, for real as it definitely wasn’t meant to.

Sike, did you receive the SR1 today? Please just let me know when possible, and thanks again.

Just sent you an email. The right side is dead using the SE cable. The xlr cable is not working., so, no way of isolating the problem to phone or cable(s). This has rather been an unfortunate experience.

@snapple10 Has @bogginhead Resolved the issue?

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Not yet.
The right side doesn’t have audio. Tried different cables, switched L&R cable, still no audio. He insisted on sending a new cable on 2/23 that will “ fix” it…- I don’t have the cable
At this point, requested my Sony back on Saturday 2/26, no response, yet.

Did this ever get resolved?

No, unfortunately. bogginhead went MIA. No communication, nothing.