Yamaha YH-5000SE Orthodynamic Headphones

Nope, different experience on my system. I don’t think they are mid-forward, I would personally put them in the slightly U-shaped sound sig. Midrange texture/resolution is not as good as the mysphere but it is perhaps the 2nd best I’ve heard compared to utopia, d8kp, and hd800s.

As for “tube hps” I think I’ll disagree, they work phenomenally well on my SS (crayon cha-1), but maybe my amp is just an outlier. And I also don’t hear any honkiness like he mentioned in his video, fwiw.


Yeah your crayin is “special” for SS amps. Have you tried the yammy with any lessor SS amps?

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No I have not… I have an rme, thx789, and burson soloist for SS but I’m not really interested in trying them on those, to be completely honest


I think it depends on the track and the amp/DAC like many headphones. They are not Harman curved for the masses or harman audio gurus :sweat_smile:. I think they need the right chain to sound optimal for my preferences like I said in my above post. I like them better with tubes :100: but also enjoy them off solid state with most well-recorded music. As I have stated they remind of me of the HD800s and OG Utopia from this standpoint. If you spend the time building a chain around them they are so amazing. Hope that helps @AceofSpades

Edit: Also I think they are more lower treble/treble forward without taking measurements which we will have very soon and I will share. There could be a bit of upper mid-range fowardness though which I was playing with with Roon EQ last night and proper measurements will take all the guesswork out of the equation.


Yeah, some of those chains may be too analytical for them with the leather pads.

i heard them at e-earphone on cayin tube amps i really disliked them compared to solid state is was connected to a fiio k9 pro and another amp that sounded much more resolving to me

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Had a listen to the 5000SE and D8000 Pro off the HPA4, EF600 and the Stax X9000 off SRM 700S, EF400 at E Earphone.

Glad I got to hear the Stax, was super impressed. Thinking of placing an order but they are back ordered. Immense detail, highly musical to my ears.

Similarly, Yamaha was a nice listen. But I rather wait for a “regular” edition to buy. As for Final, I was hoping to try a pair of D8000 Pro Limited, as that is what seems to be making the rounds. Unfortunately did not.

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Went back to E Earphone again, this time off the HPA4 and ADI 2. Definitely agree with your comments on the Yamaha’s treble. Also agree with your comparisons to the Utopia re bass response. Utopia more slam, Yamaha not as slammy, more textured. For soundstage, the Yamahas I found neither deep nor wide.

I did not experience the “honk”.

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That’s wiser, I didn’t think the extra pads were worth owning (but ymmv), fwiw. Although if you plan on only one set of hps, it could be more appealing. But no news on release date on the regular just yet.

The stage is interesting, I think once you get the synergy going you’ll be impressed with the depth (best I’ve heard). I agree it’s not that wide, but the focus and the way it “forces” you to look forward into the stage is what I find very unique and addicting (kind of like driving through a tunnel).

This will be unpopular, but i would like to ask for your help. I saw these at Munich high end, but unfortunately, they weren’t working on the equipment they provided :sweat_smile:. I’ve seen the FR and it looks like a unmitigated disaster, like beyond a reasonable doubt sort of thing, but people are actually very conflicted, because some decribe it like that FR suggests, and some describe it as something completely different. I’m not talking about preferences here , I’m talking about a description of the sound whether you like it or not. That FR is way way beyond the tolerances of the human HRTF, so it feel like it might be a unit variance thing?

Can you hear this sound demo https://youtube.com/shorts/LD0yS37EZ8E?si=0CVfuNFs90AbYPBv and tell me if it sounds like what you heard, or if this is completely inaccurate? Because the discussion of this headphone is driving me insane. :sweat_smile:

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First, welcome to the forum!!

I’m not someone that puts much stock in FR and, at the end of the day, you will have to decide between what a FR says or what you hear with your ears. You’ll never grasp the nuance behind these things unless you experience it for yourself, and FR is just one aspect of the bigger picture. I realize some people can’t get that first-hand opportunity, but that’s just how it is. I’ve seen the FR and that’s not what I hear, having owned these for months.

I don’t think so, and I’ve talked with a few owners who share the same opinion as I do, aside from some things that I believe can be chalked up to chain variances. I also don’t think that Yamaha would let that slide, they are a huge company with more resources than most of the comparatively small-named audio brands in the hifi space. That and their Japanese pride are on the line, which is something that’s inherent to their strict culture.

I’m just one opinion on the internet, so you shouldn’t put much stock in what I say either. I can’t guarantee you’ll have the same experience as me, but I assure you this isn’t some headphone that was put together haphazardly.


Hi, i appreciate the response. I mentioned I wasn’t interested in your preference or opinions about its tuning. I’m sympathetic to the fact its only your opinion, but thats not a problem here. I just wanted you to hear the demo and tell me if they sound simular to what you heard on the real thing or if its completely different. I would genuinely appreciate if you watch it and just inform me.

I honestly don’t think you can get much from sound demos… But, no, it doesn’t sound anything like that


How in the world would you expect to extract any accurate reproduction of a headphone or speaker via a YouTube video or Short??

I listened to this demo, and the only valuable insight was music discovery on the track played.

If anyone is stating this helps depict any headphone, they are lying to you and themselves.


Thats why i asked! I wanted to know if they were or not. That was it. Nothing more. You people made a mountain out of a mole hill.

Yamaha HA L7A Flagship Headphone Amplifier and YH 5000se Headphones synergistic sound!


I wasn’t satisfied with my 1st draft, so here is the now complete 2nd (and final) draft fully revamped and improved!