ZMF Headphones - Official Thread

Need to have cheap Koss Porta Pro as reference, I let people listen to my more expensive stuff first then try out the Koss. Usually a very fun reaction :joy: While still being good for the price, its a big jump.

Is the softer ZMF woods less likely to crack over time? The dry winters here has made a Cello crack inside the storage hard case.

How do the Auteur pads sound on the Aeolus? I wouldn’t mind having a bit more space for my massive ears.

Very similar to stock pads. A touch more open/wide sounding. I don’t find the frequency response to be noticeably different but I tend not to listen for micro changes in response, as long as the overall sound is agreeable.

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Anybody have an idea of what the next LTD woods will be for either the Eikon or Atticus?


OK, so HERE’s a nightmare, with a happy ending.

Just got my Aeolus today, unpacked it, plugged in my cable to each earpiece, and…well, I did something stupid in plugging in the cable because I heard a sickening “plink” and had unseated the pins in the earpiece housing. Totally my fault, totally stupid.

I called ZMF in a panic and got a perfectly chill Zach on the phone who (and I think he was being kind for my benefit) assured me that things like this happen, and he’d send me out a return label right away and get this fixed ASAP.

Imagine having these in your hands after such a wait and being unable to hear them, and to put them back in the box and ship them away! But Zach and Bevin are such amazing people, and are going to make this self-inflicted wound heal as quickly as they can.

What a day.


Oh man! I would probably be crying if that happened to me, and I feel your pain of wanting to hear them! I hope they have a swift delivery to and from, so you can get to hear those things asap!


That sucks to hear! Sorry that happened but as you can see Zach really is great at helping and taking care of his customers. Hopefully he fixes quickly and gets it back to you so you can listen!


I was REALLY upset, even after I spoke with Zach and heard as well from Bevin. If anything their “no worries” attitude helped talk me off the ledge. But this was NOT how I wanted delivery day to go!


Zach’s hand doesn’t shake. Good luck.

I’m probably going to have nightmares about this.


That’s OK - I have you covered on that front.

Hopefully it’s a quick fix, and back to you in no time.

I do have nightmares of breaking the housing of my Verite and Aeolus by pulling out and re-inserting my custom cables. I’ve been thinking of buying some mini-XLR to mini-XLR “pigtails” which will be permanently plugged into the headphones, and then I can attach the custom cables to those, in order to reduce the wear and tear on the headphones. I didn’t do it because it seemed ridiculous, but your story is pushing me back in that direction.


Yep, me too. I’m keeping all my cables plugged in at all times. Lol. I’ve done that for awhile already because one mini xlr got stuck in the female slot and I panicked. The metal part that bends on the mini xlr if gets bent makes it really hard to pull out. I’ve sat down and tried to think how to make a mini xlr without this one metal piece. I have not seen a company yet build a super robust one yet as they all have the same downfall.

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That’s actually a great idea.

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I’ll keep my cables attached. The trick, of course, is to attach them without breaking them that first time. Sheesh.


What I do is check the mini xlr before plugging in and check to make sure when you press the button, the two metal pieces make a big enough gap to allow it to go in and out very easily

I’ve gotten a few mini xlr’s that did not make a big enough gap and they were harder to get in and out.


I also second the notion of keeping the cables attached. I dont disconnect for fear of potentially breaking them or wearing out the connection. I think keeping them connected is the way to go if you are okiay with it.


That’s not ridiculous at all…

But here’s ridiculous:

  • I have 4 headphones that matter to me these days–ZMF blackwood Aeolus; ZMF silkwood VO; ZMF ormosia henryi Ori; and DCA AFO. I have 2 small metal adapters that let me use my ZMF balanced silver cable w/the AFO
  • My favorite cable for the 3 ZMFs is ForzaAudioWorks’ TOTL copper cable, HCP Noir (I have a 2M length)
  • To avoid frequently unplugging/re-plugging that FAW cable for the 3 ZMFs, I just bought a 2nd HCP Noir, this one 2.5M
  • I also juar ordered a Norne Audio Drausk 7 ft balanced cable (Norne’s new TOTL copper design)

When the Drausk shows up, it will mean no more unplugging of cables for me unless I happen to want to try this or that HP w/the Drausk.

I’m not just doing this because of audio OCD. I can see pretty clearly that the mini-XLR, while an ingenious, compact connection standard, can be damaged by excessive wear on the insertion jack mechanism, misalignment of pins, or pulling the jack right out of earcup. I intend to avoid all 3 such mishaps…


I have 4 headphones as well. I actually use Hart Audio Cables. Their modular interconnect system is pretty nice. And good quality too. I have an end in each of my amps, and every headset has it’s own cable that never is unplugged from the headset. Easy to move between the Echo and/or Soloist 3 as needed.


What type of headphone amp were you using?