ZMF LTD Verite & Pendant SE

Price: 5000
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere

Hello all, I am selling my LTD Verite Desert Ironwood headphones as well as my ZMF Pendant SE amp, which I got with vintage tubes.

These ZMF products deserve the superlative reviews they have received, but I’m wanting to explore other things!

The headphones were purchased in November, 2020 through ZMFs site. I am the original owner and all all accessories (with wooden case) as well as the certificate of authenticity.

The amp was purchased in February, 2021 through the ZMF site, and I am also thr original owner of the Pendant. I have all the accessories it came with (Pelican case) as well as the certificate of authenticity.

Both the headphones and amp were kept in a pet free and smoke free office. Utmost care was taken and I have not noticed any cosmetic blemishes on either. Neither has received any kind of harsh impact.

TheVerite headphones were always paired with the Pendant, and both probably have about 60 hours of use.

Please DM with interest or questions!


Hola, buenas noches. Vende los auriculares por separado? Si los vende…a qué precio? Desde dónde se envían?
Estoy a punto de comprar unos Dan Clark Ether2, pero también me llaman mucho estos ZMF, que podrían ser incluso mejores…

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Since I’m having to “re-learn” Spanish*, I’ll take a stab at a translation (the salient parts at least).

@Chelygenius wants to know if you’ll sell the headphones separately and if so, how much and where would they be shipped from.

And they were on the cusp of buying a set of Ether 2, they find the ZMF stuff very appealing.


Thanks for stepping in to help, Torq! Being Mexican-American, I had no problem reading the message, and your Spanish might be better than you think, as your translation was spot on!

I’ll DM the community member, but to answer his question for all to see: Yeah, I’m willing to sell the items individually. I am willing to negotiate price as well. I’ll ship to wherever, though buyer must cover shipping costs.

I appreciate the kindness of this tight-knit community!



Hola Carlos

Al ver su nombre tuve una mínima esperanza de que el envío se realizara desde España. Aunque, por si acaso, le pregunté de dónde vendrían los auriculares. Parece que los audífonos se venden desde EEUU, no?
Sus auriculares tienen muy buena pinta, pero veo que sumando su precio de venta más los gastos de envío, aduanas e impuestos…me sale muchísimo mejor comprarlos en algún distribuidor europeo, aunque no hay muchos de esta marca por aquí. Creo que el representante de ZMF más cercano está en Francia.
Mi idea era o comprar los Dan Clark Ether2 nuevos o los ZMF Verite de segunda mano. Parece que el elegido será el Ether2

De todos modos muchas gracias por su atención, con traducción desde mi idioma incluida.

Hello all,

I can’t figure out how to edit my posting, so I’ll put this update here:

I’ve reduced the price of the phones and amp to $4500. Please DM with any questions.


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Good morning from Spain.

In the end, this Saturday, I bought a brand new Dan Clark Ether 2.
I have dedicated a large part of the weekend to them, just as they deserve … hahaha, I couldn’t be happier.
They are fabulous devices, very very light … and with a design such that the moment you put them on they disappear from your head. You don’t seem to be wearing them.
As for the sound … they sound even better than my studio monitors in my acoustically treated room (although, of course, they don’t have the same spacious feeling). Impressive !!
Sorry to invade your ZMF sales post, but I’m excited … I couldn’t help it. My apologies!! Thanks for everything and good luck in the sale!
(Thanks also to Google translate)


Wow, google translate has improved drastically. 5 years ago that would have been incomprehensible. Make sure to write a review of them on here (in the correct category), would love to hear your more detailed review. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Would you consider selling the amp separately?

Hi, yes I would. I’ve got someone who offered to buy the package. We’re going to Zoom today to then finalize the sale. However, if that falls through, I will let you know!

The phones and amp are SOLD. Thanks all!