ZMF Pendant - Tube Headphone Amplifier - Official Thread

I just went to the ZMF web site and discovered that they don’t have the Pendant listed there. What’s up with that? Are they going to stop offering it? Anybody here know?


Probably coming out with an updated version so they can take more of my money! Would be a shame if it’s discontinued without a replacement. It’s an excellent amp. I really enjoy my Pendant SE.

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Zach is teaming up with Decware on a new OTL amp. He’s also got a solid state amp in the works with JDS Labs. I’m not sure when they are due to come out though. The Pendant is now discontinued as far as I know.


Wow, that’s definitely news! It should be really interesting to see what those collaborations produce :+1:

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I wonder why Zach and Justin aren’t collaborating anymore. Maybe the Pendant was a slow seller? I always thought the Kenzie amps matched the ZMF dynamics better, but just personal preference.

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The Kenzies are great amps (I have two) at a reasonable price.

I don’t think ampsandsounds is setup to mass produce amps, but on the other hand Decware also has experienced a waiting list several months long.


The Pendant when ordered from ZMF came from Justin anyway, so as far as I know you might be able to order one from him without the ZMF logo. Just speculation on my part but Justin is the one who builds them anyway. Regardless, you can’t go wrong with an amplifier from Justin. I own the pendant and it is a wonderful amplifier with the right tubes.


Stereophile kept giving the ZMF Pendant an A performance rating.

I just saw ZMF’s announcement that they’re selling Cayin amps, and I was surprised when I didn’t see the Pendant beside them.

The Leeloo which was the name of the Pendant originally is going to be available very very soon!


The Pendant and Kenzie are both great amps for sure, I have actually been using the Kenzie OG Rev II a ton lately, the 8/100 ohm version Justin made me is one of my favorite amps I’ve ever had.

There’s been a lot of logistical stresses over the last couple years since the pandemic started, and those have created small businesses like Justin’s and mine to have to make things work in varying ways because of the supply chain needed. At ZMF I have always put price stability as a an utmost priority for our owners, many times with us buying much more inventory than immediately needed to be able to do this. In the current environment as a go between from ampsandsounds manufacturing to our selling of the Pendant, the product stability wasn’t viable on our, and ampsandsounds end for ZMF to continue selling ampsandsounds products.

They are fantastic amps and I will definitely continue to love the hell out the Kenzie Justin just built me though!