ZMF Vérité C - Closed-Back Dynamic Headphone - Official Thread

ZMF’s latest creation, the Vérité C (for “closed”), is Zach Mehrbach’s latest addition to his dynamic headphone collection.

In common with the original Vérité, they feature the same, proprietary, ultra-light PEN driver with a 20% beryllium vapor-deposed coating and ultra-light magnesium chassis, along with a new acoustic design and airflow technology to create a more spatially accurate sound.

From ZMF themselves:

The sonic signature of the Vérité Closed is meant to companion the open Vérité. While the open Vérité is a quick, smooth and 3D experience, the closed Vérité accentuates imaging while retaining 3D space, sub-bass rumbles without being overly boosted, and the immediate snap with weight that only a closed headphone brings is present. The Vérité Closed is our most closed headphone, isolating extremely well against outside noise.

The Vérité C will be offered, initially, in either MonkeyPod (pictured) as a first run of 50 units, or as the “Vérité C LTD” and 30 units finished in Desert Ironwood. And both will ship with two different pads - a non-perforated Universe pad and the Autuer pads.


  • Impedance: 300 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 99 dB SPL/mw (preliminary; subject to revision)
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz – 25kHz
  • THD: 0.1% @ 1 kHz / 100dB SPL
  • Driver: Proprietary, ultra-light and light, 20% beryllium vapor-deposed PEN (Polyethylene Naphthalate)
  • Weight: 450g (0.99lb) in MonkeyPod w/ Magnesium Chassis

Power/Drive Requirements

Isolation (Leakage)

The original Vérité exhibit less leakage than a good number of other open-back, cans, but of course the Vérité C do a much better job of keeping sound IN, as you can see in the plot below (see here for details on what this means):

Essentially, the higher the line/values, the less sound can be heard externally!

Frequency Response

This is the frequency response plot for the Vérité C (in Monkeypod) using the Universe, Lambskin, Unperforated Pads with both HEQ and CUST compensation curves (see here for details on the rig and measurement approach).

The above plots were taken after the Vérité C had been run for about 100 hours total (vs. the preliminary results that were done at < 20 hours).

Preliminary Frequency Response Results

This is the (preliminary) Vérité C frequency response sweep (see here for details on the rig and measurement approach).

Note that this plot may be updated after a more comprehensive measurement pass has been completed (including comparisons with other pads options).

These will be available to order beginning on September 20th, review units have just started going out … and this is the spot to discuss them …


it’s… beautiful!


This is legitimate audio art.


It’s on! ZMF Vérité C vs Focal Stellia!



That’ll be part of my review, of course.

The first few hours listening, in between letting them run-in a bit, have been very enjoyable. And not very productive, as the usual “ZMF factor” seems to be at play that means whenever I put their cans on, I wind up getting lost in the music even when I’m supposed to be doing something else …


I’m very much so, looking forward to getting my pair!


now that’s a strong recommendation for a set of cans


Whats good people? Had to join over here just to say Im looking forward to getting one of the review Verite Closed in my grubby paws.


Cheers @Monsterzero welcome to the forum, I look forward to your review!


I’m deliberately not posting any “first impressions” nor “details” on the sound yet, so as not to color any impressions of those who’ll be attending a mini-meet at my place and will get to hear these cans then.

And I have to say it’s VERY hard to refrain from making such posts at this juncture …

But I suspect there will be sufficient reward in watching their reactions with these and comparing them to the open version.


Out of interest, since I was somewhat surprised by how light the Vérité C felt when I first picked them up, I actually put them on the scale next to my Ziricote Vérité.

The Monkeypod version of the Vérite C comes in at 512g vs. the 557 of my open-backed Ziricote Vérite.

A though about weighing headphones … depending on your scale you need to make sure the magnets in the headphone drivers aren’t “pulling” the headphones harder against the measurement surface than gravity alone. I’ve been bitten by this a couple of times (last time was with the RAD-0, which caused an initial error of nearly 200g … fortunately I spotted that before I posted their weight), so I’ve taken to putting a stand on the scale, zeroing it out, and then adding the headphone, so it’s sitting several inches away from any metal in the scale itself.



I forgot to ask Zach,is he shipping out the VC fully burned -in?


I don’t know what he’s doing for other review units, but the Monkeypod set he sent me, which arrived yesterday, had about 12 hours on it when he sent it off.

It’s been running continuously since I received it, so they have about 44 hours on them now, and will be past the 56 hour mark buy the time the mini-meet kicks off tomorrow.


Yeah,im guessing no then. After the fiasco I had with the first couple days with the Verite open,I will be sure to put them on the burner for several days before I start to listen critically.


Hello and welcome @Monsterzero. They look like fantastic cans. As do most of the ZMF lineup.


Hi @Monsterzero. Seen your posts on Headfi!

@Torq i think I weighed my Verite mahogany and it was about 450g. I have all the lightest grill and chassis options though.


That’s probably the lightest I’ve seen.

Though I think all Vérité have the magnesium chassis (it’s an option on other models).

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Just because the light is better today … here’s another shot of the same headphone from the first post (which will likely be replaced once I get more time with these) …

The wood looks darker than this when not illuminated in direct sunlight and from different angles.

I have visions of running these while loafing around on the big boat at the back …



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My Christmas decision zmf verite open or closed how ever will I decide…