ZMF Vérité - Open-Back Dynamic Headphone - Official Thread

You know… I don’t mind going to work. It’s the 8 hours before I can go home that is complete bullshit.




excuse the language but this was appropriate for how I feel today…lol


Look at it this way folks, unless you’re a trust fund baby or something, that much despised work is what pays for those Verites :wink:


Language excused. Meme appropriate. Carry on.


Reading your review again, I found there wasn’t any description about pairing with tubes. Didn’t you have Woo WA234? I am personally curious about how verite would sound when driven by top performing 300B or 2A3-based SETs.

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I do, indeed, have a WA234 Mk.II MONO … :wink:

My reviews, at least of late, don’t tend to focus on specific observations with amp A vs. amp B and, instead, relay my overall experience across the sources, and amps, listed here.

This is because most people won’t have the exact same equipment I do, much less the same overall configuration, and the aggregate impression is more universally applicable than the specific.

I could, for sure, describe how I found the Pheasantwood Vérité with any of the various 300B, 2A3 or 45 series tubes I have. But what I’d find with my original/NOS WE300B sets vs. someone with a pair of current production Sophia Electric Princess 300B (my favorite for pictures, if not for listening) is going to to be rather different experience.

I will say that the Vérité are fully reflective of upstream improvements. When listening for pleasure, I absolutely swap in my best tubes with them. But … the fundamental character of the Vérité themselves didn’t change, they just let the upstream changes show through.

Here’s a shot of my WA234 with the Sophia Electric tubes installed, as part of my Stellia review:

The Sophia Electric (punched-plate) are the most visibly-“glowy” and prettiest tubes I’ve found in 300B configuration. Well, short of thoriated Elrogs … but those didn’t tend to last very long.

The Takatsuki 300B and actual, original, WE300B are quite dull and boring looking in comparison, even when photographed in the dark. I’m looking forward to seeing the new-production WE300B too (pre-order in since day 1).


…Not @Torq…but I’ve heard his setup and was blown away enough to buy the Aeolus then shortly after order the Verite…so tubes and them go very well…but @Torq will be able to give you a much more defined answer =)

and I see @Torq already responded =)


NOS WE 300B… what a drooling name it is!

I will check our your stellia review right now. lol.

PS. Your reviewing philosophy sounds very healthy. Totally agreed.

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As promised! Better shots of the Verite! I’ll post Sibling pictures under the ZMF thread…

This one is my favorite so far and a re-creation of my Aeolus picture I took awhile ago.


I reallyreally … hope mine are that pretty when they show up!


only in a headphone forum can I get away with this statement…but they are a lovely pair of cans… lol

Also I can’t imagine your being any less amazing!


That would be funny, but I’m the boss.

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There is a down side to everything :wink:


My Ziricote Vérité arrived … and are the first thing to distract me from the SR1a since, well, they arrived.

Quick-and-dirty picture for now … more tomorrow when the light is a bit more diffuse (to avoid reflections):

And they sound magnificent, even without any burn-in. But they’ll get plenty of that before I do a proper comparison with the Pheasantwood.

Now we need to get @antdroid and @Resolve here to hear their Mahogany and Silkwood versions along with the Pheasantwood and Ziricote all together!


The wood is beautiful. Your photo is just fine, and the reflections illustrate the finish.


Oh man, Zach got you the parallel lines! That grain is outstanding!

Seriously fantastic looking pair of cans … :smirk:

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Those are stunning. @zach915m did a great job!


The three of us really should get together to compare (and measure … ) our respective wood-versions.

We’d have at least two different MiniDSP EARS to do that with too.

Plus I’d love to see the Mahogany Vérité in person … not just because they might the most unique and rare set in the wild!


Yes, would love to. I am swamped right now, but maybe end of next week I’ll have more time.


Especially since it @antdroids Verite has the ZMF logo cut out in the middle of the metal plate cover, extremely rare prototype level of Rare!