<$200 upgrade from Tin T2... Kanas Pro?

First and foremost, sorry for not answering the specific questions but this is more based on similarity to the T2 than specific use or genre.

I purchased the Tin T2 a few months ago and while all my IEM’s are sub 50€, I was very pleasantly suprised by the T2 and it quickly became my favourite. It has also led me to use IEM’s more of the time recently, not just when I am out walking etc. but also in the office as it is now close to 40ºC every day and IEM’s allow my ears to “breathe”.

Anyway, I have a few IEMs that have built up and this last week I was starting to actually put reviews together for them, my main comparisons being always to the Tin T2. Although I have liked some of the others, none quite clicked like the T2.

The other day I was listening to them and took them out to talk briefly to my brother (we work in the same office) and was actually telling him how much I lked them. When I put them back in, the R side was only distorting and a lot lower in volume. I quickly checked the cable, connections, swapped sides etc. but alas, it is dead.

Here is the measurement:

I have contacted the seller and they asked me to send a video showing the issue (it is rather difficult to record a video showing the sound of an IEM!) so I sent them a short video, an audio recording and the graph above. They have not yet given me an answer as it is the weekend.

Anyway, I digress…

If the seller doesn’t replace them, then I will surely order another set anyway as so far they are the <50€ IEM to beat (in my opinion). However, this got me thinking about the use I am giving IEM’s lately and maybe it would be worth investing a little more in a “Main use” pair. I don’t think it would be fair to take a 200€ IEM and use it as the comparison for the <50€ reviews but that is another story.

So, as I know you have all had much more experience with IEM’s than me, setting a budget of $200/200€ and basing the purchase on the fact that I liked the T2 signature, do you feel that the Kanas Pro are still the best option in this price range?

I have resisted buying the Kanas Pro until now because I don’t really like the shiny silver finish but, as pointed out in another thread, I could probably do something to hide the shinyness. (I also have a set of ZS10 pro on their way which look like they are just as shiny! :blush: )

As some quick reference points:

  • I like clarity and detail, without excessive treble. I also like my bass to be clear and present but not overpowering. Think along the sound of the DT1990 but without the 8k peak (I know, I know, apples to oranges!)
  • I use NewBee foam tips (M or L depending on the IEM), almost exclusively, I don’t like silicone tips.
  • I prefer over ear cabling.
    -Tin T2 is my favourite sounding IEM so far. I also find it very comfortable (wearing it cable up without swapping L&R)
  • KZ ATE is still one the most comfortable IEMs I own, although the KZ ZSN is also comfortable.
  • The Senfer DT6 is something that I just can’t find a good seal and comfort with. Same goes for other similar shaped IEMs
  • I will mostly use this with a DAP (Shanling M0 and another that I haven’t decided yet, between Cayin N3 and Shanling M2X) although I do use a Topping NX4 DSD regularly as well.

So… sorry for the wall of text that will probably just end up with a single answer “Yes, the Kanas are the best option” :smiley:

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Check to see if the vent hole in the front and back of the shell are plugged or not. But more than likely that’s not the issue.

As far as improvements upon the Tin T2:

Tin Audio T3 - slight improvements, better treble, slightly more bass. very slight though.

Moondrop Kanas Pro - Wider sound, more bass, better treble, better mids. Generally improved all around.

Etymotics ER2SE / ER3SE - similar sound profile but much better detail and clarity. ER2 is dynamic and ER3 is BA. I havent heard the ER2 version, but I imagine it’ll sound more natural and slightly warmer.

Etymotics ER2XR / ER3XR - I really dig the ER2XR. It’ll be warmer and softer in the treble region than the T2. But good for listening at lower volumes or if you want fun, to turn it up. Again, ER2 is DD and ER3 is BA. DD for this one for sure.

BGVP DMS - Going to write a review of this soon. I really like it. It’s a more fun -tilted v-shaped IEM but it has a very balanced sound to it. The mids are slightly recessed but not too bad. The DD bass is fast and just enough there to add a slight impact and rumble, without bloating the mids. The treble is well extended. Not the most detailed of this bunch, but a good overall IEM for a more fun sound. It’s open back though.

iSine - iSine is always a good choice if you have EQ or use the cipher cable and can handle full open and crazy look.

Hmm thats what I got so far.


I also love the sound of my T2 and I’m looking for a better IEM but with same sound signature, to enjoy the music. The others I own are inferiors ( KZ ED16 and ZSN ), but still really good when you put the price in the equation .
CCA-C16 will be my suggestion, they are pretty neutral/natural and lots of details compared to the other 3 and right now at $70 something on AliExpress . More energetic than T2 too and more resolution .

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I will second the ISine 10’s from Audeze as well as the Etymotics. Have you thought about Massdrop Plus?

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I would love to try out the isine, I believe there is also a usb cable option now (maybe not for the 10, I am not sure) but the lack of isolation is the deal breaker for me as I am limited in the office due to sharing with someone who hates any noise, especially music (and we work for a pro audio company :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ).

The etymotics look interesting but I much prefer an over ear set up if possible.

The CCA-C16 is on my watch list to add them into my 50€ comparisons, if they drop close enough to 50€ that is.

The DMS also look interesting, I look forwards to your review @antdroid.

Thanks all for your input so far!

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Just posted my review on the Chinese IEM thread


CCA-C16 was over a $100 USD early this year, maybe over $120 and I got them two months ago on an AliExpress sale for $86 and right now they are at $80, I’m pretty sure they will soon be in the €50 .
I have my eyes on the Simgot EN700 pro, and the EM2 from the same company , there is a very good review of the 700pro in this forum and it looks is the one I’m looking for to upgrade my T2, but to expensive just to have a “better” of what I already have. EM2 is also tempting, but for the reviews it seems to be more toward the group of the CCA-C16 , more energetic and detailed and far from the enjoyment in the T2 and for that I love the C16.


After seeing the praise from BGGA, I might opt for trying the Tin P1 when it becomes available.

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I should be getting a new set this week. The original set that was sent to me didnt sound very good. The new one seems to fix an issue with 1KHz cliff, but I still see it being not perfect in some areas. We’ll see soon I guess.

I modded the P1 pre-release set I got and got it to correct the 1K issue, and provided feedback to them, but if that’s all they fixed, then I still find the signature to be missing something (mainly good subbass and upper mids/lower treble).

The final P1 product would improve vastly with blocking the front vent port, which raises the subbass roll-off. See Crinacle’s measurements below:


It has an Andromeda-ish like measurement, with less bass and missing sparkle, which I found rather dull, but some may love it. I’ll post impressions as soon as I get my hands on it this week.


I look forwards to hearing (or reading) your opinions. Not that I have anything against BGGA but I do feel that sometimes he hypes things a little too much (just that they are usually out of my price range :wink: )

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I own Brainwavz B400s. I feel like they accomplish what you listed as far as how you like your sound to be and provide clear sound with good bass that is not overwhelming. They’re the first IEM that I thought didn’t sound explicitly IEM-ish, if that makes sense, a lot less weird closed-off-ness of being an IEM than the others I’ve tried below the $135 I paid for them. I found @Resolve’s review of them afterwards and he calls them ‘baby Andromedas’. I’ve never heard the Andromedas, but similarly to the P1s Anthony mentioned, they are missing that sparkle to some extent.

I think they sound best with the stock silicon eartips thus far, but the foam Comply was a close second. The Comply tips brought the treble down a bit but also tightened up the bass. I have not tried NewBee ones but I am curious about how they sound! The B400 ship with Comply T100 so the actual driver bit is pretty small compared to the T2s, so you’d have to get new tips.

All in all I like them quite a bit. I like the CCA-C10 so I am curious how the CCA-C16 sound, though the bass was always a bit much.


I haven’t had the CCA-C10, but own the C16 and are my best IEM right now( is not that I have many). Is very detailed and fast/energetic, bass perfect for my taste since I’m not a bass head, but I like to feel it. I use them when in the mood to analyze the music. T2 are my -doing another stuff ones- if I’m reading or working from home.
KZ has a new 16 units balanced armature headphones ( KZ-AS16 ) and I’m sure they are the KZ’s CCA-C16, but right now they are about $40 more than C16.


Well…I use the T2 Pro (with vent mod) quite often and just snagged a decent deal on a used Kanas Pro. Once I’ve had a few days with it, I’ll do my best to leave some impressions here. Hoping they live up to the hype!


I am getting the Tin hifi P1 tomorrow