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Very comprehensive writeup and review. Though you didn’t seem to like my beloved U18t very much. Lol. It doesn’t detract from the fact that it’s a top class review.


A banger of a review!
I have since entering the audioworld had my eye on 64Audio. I have one CIEM (A3), but I am focusing on the U12T as an IEM, I need to get my hands on at some point.


Excellent written review !

64 Audio Nio Mini-Review

The 64 Audio Nio is one of the newer IEMs in 64 Audio’s lineup, and easily the most gorgeous. The Nio has one of the most comfortable IEM shapes I’ve ever tried. I listen to the Nio off a Qudelix 5K.

The sound of the Nio can be described as warm and punchy. There is an abundance of sub-bass - the dynamic driver good stuff. Mids are warm and harmonically rich. Treble is smooth, extended, and airy, but still very detailed and capable. The overall sound signature is very pleasing - terms that come to mind are enveloping, warm, relaxing.

Compared to my Solaris 2020 - the Nio is much easier to listen to for much longer. It falls behind in technicalities (soundstage, crispness) but only by a little - and I suspect this is a necessity given the sound signature the Nio attempts to achive. Overall, the IEMs complement each other excellently - bright and sharp versus warm and smooth - and though I’ve owned each IEM for at least half a year, I listen to them about equally.

TL;DR: the Nio is tonally pleasing and capable IEM that’s just fun to listen to.


Have U12T and Nio sitting here.

Trying to decide which one to get in custom form.

Having a real hard time.

@Precogvision @antdroid Help!

I have heard people who get Custom A12T and Custom N8 (old Nio) be rather disappointed in how the turned out, but also some that love it…

In either case, they may not sound the same as universals, which is pretty much true for all Univ to CIEM in my experience.

I’d probably go with A12T if I had to choose one because the NIo is already bassy enough, and a CIEM could make it bassier (only cause typically upper mids/lower treble drop while upper treble increases typically).

You should ask around a bit more too! Maybe read Crinacle’s article about the N8 custom while you’re at it. I didnt know 64 Audio offered Nio customs, so Im assuming you mean N8 btw.


Yes, N8. The same drivers, bar the midrange ones aren’t identical.

A12T is probably a safer bet. Just lacks the DD bass niceness. Thoug even custom N8 can be attuned with a MX module or one of the FIR ones

Issue is I cant try much else, so any other custom purchase would be blind. Which is a lot of money for something you can’t resell.

I liked the Odin, just needed more bass for me. Also its price is prohibitive for a custom I cant sell.

Not sure any other ones in the U12T pricerange should be worth looking in to?

I think @antdroid is correct in his thinking that the A12t would be a better option of the two. Though I have only heard the U12t. Bass is said to change when going over to customs.

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The DD bass is a nice touch though. This is the dilemna!

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I just received a pair of 64 Audio U6T’s today. I’ve only listened to a few reference tracks so these are early days, but I was looking for another pair of IEM’s that would be exceptional / maybe a slightly different tuning to my pair of A&K Solaris X (which I really really love). So far I have noted that the mids on the U6T are a tad dark. Not lifeless by any means, and likely overpowered a bit by the super punchy low end. I need to listen to a lot more material, but should I be looking at the U12t’s instead… maybe order a pair and A/B them? There has been a lot of buzz about the U6 being so much like the U12, but at a better price point, but I think the U12 must be deciseively more refined?


Welcome to the community!

I’d love to read your impressions of the Solaris X. There’s next to no impressions or reviews out there. There’s only one or two sets of impressions on head-fi, and uncharacteristically, that thread has been very quiet (it’s at just four pages).

Expectations were for a fairly neutral Solaris, I believe. If we were to have a better sense of what the Solaris X sounds like, I think a few of the IEM experts here might be able to give you further or better advice. (Also, what’s your source, if you don’t mind me asking?)

I’ll step back to let others chime in now, as I’m not familiar enough with 64 Audio’s IEMs to answer your question properly. Sorry!

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Sure. I can put something cohesive together on the Solaris X’s. To answer the source question, I have an A&K SR25 and an A&K SE180 running the SEM2 DAC.

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Open back IEM from 64 audio? I can’t tell for sure from the description.


My son in law Ethan Opolion is the CEO of HeadFi and runs CanJam. He gave me a pair of 64 Audio Tia Fourte IEMs that were sent to him to review.
Where can I get a pair of the IEM housing “stickers” that are peeling off the IEM housing
I called 64 Audio and they wanted me to send them the Tia’s and they wanted to do a Tier 3 repair for $299. I don’t think so

This is my first time on the forum so if I’ve done this wrong I apologize


After having these for less than a week I have changed my mind. When I first heard them at CanJam SoCal 2022 I thought they were one of the best IEMs I had heard and because of the pressure relief, one of the most comfortable. I really only ever need 2-4 favorite songs to know that a headphone or IEM is very good or bad, I have never had to back track on my initial impressions and these are no exception. Now I am certain that they are the best IEM I have heard! Magic. These along with my LCD-XC, 7hz Timeless, Qudeliz 5K and RME ADI-2 PRO FS R are now part of my small forever collection. So I added a small Seahorse case, a Linsoul Kinera Ace cable w/ detachable 2.5/3.5/4.4 adapters and a Fir Audio N13 module.


Excellent choice with the Nio! Best option for bassheads in the 64 audio lineup for sure.


Has anyone had experience where U12T nozzle would be bothering (probably the angle of it) and it would be better with Duo? Asking because that was a case with me, odd thing

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64 Audio has released the newest take on their flagship, the tia Fourté Blanc

Their talks of trickle down tech from what they worked on this new iteration for their hybrids is extremely interesting! Here’s the quote from 64 Audio.

The acoustical low-pass filter used in Fourté’s LF driver was originally designed as an inertance filter using an aluminum (previously Kapton) membrane. 64 Audio’s redesigned filter is a high precision textile mesh material which reduces distortion by half and improves linearity in Fourté Blanc. This is due, in part, to the reduction of back pressure on the driver and quelling of all turbulence effects between the filter and driver cone. The measured improvement is so significant that 64 Audio is going to trickle this down into their other hybrid products like Nio, N8, and the original Fourté.

I always love seeing companies apply what they learned in pursuit of flagship greatness to their other products that are downstream.


When they say reduce distortion by half and add the “it is so relevant” I get myself wondering, was distortion any relevant on 64 audio iems?

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@resolve would probably be able to answer this best.

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