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In the end, music is what really brought us all to audio world. Whether, it be headphones or otherwise, the strive to get that perfect sound out of your music is what its all about!


Which genre of music made you obsess over headphones / earphones / sound quality?


I am in a minority here but away I go. I actually believe composers as Mahler and Bruckner are great for headphone or over the ear earphones but only if they are great sounding ones. I can hear all of the instruments of the orchestra and distinguish one from another easily and clearly. I live in lower Manhattan on the 20th floor so sometimes it is vital to use headphones for music. I expect to get some feedback about this but I have been a music lover for 50 years so go right ahead.


I love acoustic music of any genre really. Especially guitar centered stuff. I like to hear the pluck of the strings and the fingers moving over them. It tickles my soul to listen to really well mastered music. A bit of a naff way to say it but music can be a really moving experience for me and with good headphones/iem’s I feel closer to the musician. I don’t recall listening to these composers but I will certainly give them a try.