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I am currently listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmnfG8LIJ3k , I love this song!


So sorry, wrong link! Haha!

That make two of us, although some of the wireless headphones as step the game up with sound quality. I still go for wired headphones.

Thank you for creating this category. Actually i was looking for guidelines to buy new headphones for me.
So which headphones you will suggest me to buy?
Actually, i am looking to buy wireless headphones this time.
I love to play games that’s why want to buy.


Welcome to the forum @Jesica. I’m a wired headphone guy, so I’ll let the more bluetooth knowledgeable members weigh in. I have a pair of Bose Soundlinks and a set of Sennheiser PXC-550 v2 headphones. Both work well for me, but I’m not gaming with them; mostly TV and youtube video usage. You might also want to comment on how you are going to power the bluetooth headphones? Are you open to IEMs? And your approximate $$ budget…



I’m a happy owner of a Focal Clear headphone, and usually use it to listen to digital content. But recently I wanted to start to use the Clear to appreciate my vinyl collection. When using loudspeakers, I always use the “Low cut” / subsonic filter on my integrated amplifier while playing records. I know you know the reason, but just for context, taking from the internet:

“you may notice your woofers being pushed back & forth, even though you are listening at a moderate level. This is due to the subsonic energy that the cartridge is retrieving but is below our listening capability, though the amplifier & loudspeakers will try to reproduce this. Not to mention that there are not acoustic instruments that can play so low. The Low Cut Filter will cut off the low frequency energy that you are not able to hear and spare your amplifier of the heavy, unnecessary load.”

So, because of all that, I always use this “Low cut” / subsonic filter on the amplifier, to prevent this unnecessary load of the speakers (or even a damage).

But, neither my headphone amplifier nor my phono stage have this feature.

So, my question is: not using the “Low cut” / subsonic filter can cause a damage to the headphone?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know about the possible harmful effects but if you are using eq you can get the same result by filtering everything below 20 or 30hz.

Hi @NickZ ! Unfortunately I don’t use any EQs… :frowning:

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