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Hello to eveyrone here. I must admit that I have had a love/hate relationship with headphone listening. However,this website has caused me to re-listen to my headphones.

I tried wireless years ago. I kept on hearing a slight but very annoying hum. It turned out to be a dealbreaker. Maybe technology is better today. I still like my hard-wired set-up.

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Oh those hums. I know exactly what you mean. It’s not just headphones. At work, I was getting a 60 Hz hum from some company equipment. I reported it, and they sent a tech within an hour! It didn’t rate that response, but it was freaking annoying if I tried to WebEx or had training stuff with audio.

hey i am looking for noise cancelling headphones for babies… any sugestions?

As in, to put on your baby(please let it be your baby… :wink: ) or for yourself?

I would recommend not getting NC headphones for yourself if you have a baby…

Also…headphones don’t stay on baby heads lol…just go with a white noise maker for babies…usually rain, creeks, ocean, jungle, etc…they work great…some even have vacuum cleaner, ambient people talking (can’t understand them as it’s background noise)…and what not…if you do go the headphone route…there are head band style headphones that Velcro onto a kids head…but honestly they are choking hazards for any kid under 3-4 without supervision…

What is the use case? I.E. what are the noise canceling headphones potentially solving for you?

Those are my suggestions…

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Hello and welcome @nickferns2727. I am not criticising your good intentions at all but is it safe to use headphones on babies with their ears being so immature?

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I have just joined and I do not seem to be able to post anything , is there a waiting time after you join to be able to post a question ? .

Your first few posts have to be approved by a moderator or admin before they show up.


That is the point I can not post anything , it says access denied ! .



Well, these last two posts showed up in the approval queue, so it seems to be working as intended.

Yes , that is just talking to you , I can not post a new thread , it says something at the bottom of the page like , not enough privileges ! .



Yes, that’s right, you cannot post a new thread until you’ve been here a while.

That’s deliberate.

Partly to stop spam, partly to stop people from posting new threads on topics already covered on other threads that they won’t have seen since they’ve just signed up and started firing away.


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