Any love for xDuoo's XA-10 here?

Interested in other’s experiences and reactions

Doubt it’ll find much love here.

Poor objective performance (easily and significantly beaten for less than half its asking price), poorer still subjective performance, goofy looks/form-factor, dodgy/broken firmware (may have been fixed).

Basically … it’s easily outperformed, power excepted, by $9 dongle DAC/amps.


“But we love everything else about it!”

The tall-and-skinny form factor seems to have become a standard among Chinese audio products. I’d give the shape a shot because it would fit it into my cramped “temporary” post-COVID home office. Anything wide and flat is out of the question.

Thanks… exactly the kind of input I was looking for, pro or con

Actually, that was the thing that caught my eye. I have very limited space at my chair-side table (and no room for a larger table!).

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I got the XD05 BAL both came out at the same time. The BAL doesn’t do MQA not a deal breaker for me. But everyone jumped on the what it doesn’t do band wagon. Mostly they wanted a DAP not a DAC AMP. I’m really pleased with the balanced DAC/Amp I purchased and use daily. Like all gear what you match it with makes a difference. I also changed out the op amps with Burson 5Vi’s. My new favorite pairing is the 7htz Timeless using a 4.4mm cable. It’s a fun listening experience.


Do you have anything to compare it with? I don’t care about MQA either.
I read it sounds much better than it’s price point…