What is the Best Non-IEM Portable Headphone

Not an IEM person so what is the best portable headphone (closed or open) I should consider under 1k.

Koss Porta Pro. No lie.


How much are you against anything in your ear at all? The reason I ask is because the isine/lcd-i4 series are incredible sounding and only slightly molest your inner ear. They rest right on the outside of your ear canal and are very comfortable. I have a zmf Eikon, QDC Anole VX and an lcd-i4. The i4 wins over all of them for me. If you have patience, you can have them for 1-1.1k (if you don’t mind used).

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I just cannot stand anything in my ear. So no IEM. Actually after research I ordered the Beyerdynamic Avento Headphones.


I just ordered a set of (Mass)Drop version of these as I had a $20 voucher that expired yesterday.

To be honest, I am not keen on the looks at all (it reminds me of my walkman days in the 80’s) but have heard so many praises about them that I am very curious to hear them.

I’m interested to see what you think of these, I am always on the lookout for closed backs.