Importing playlists from one streaming services to another

Not sure if I am just super late to the game on this one…but i just today discovered a way to transfer playlists between streaming services, which addresses a major gap between Spotify (excellent playlists, crappy music quality) and Tidal (average playlists, much better quality).
I am using a service called “Tune my Music”
This and “Soundiiz” are actually both on Tidal’s website, and so presumably “approved” by Tidal to use.
Has anyone else used either of these before? Unless I’m missing something, now I’m able to take playlists I love on Spotify and transfer them to Tidal to listen in HD or MQA quality. What am I missing?



I used soundiiz and it works great.


Soundiiz free is limited on features and what you can transfer unless you shell out around $3 for a one month subscription. Worth it, imo.


@boxster233 and @ProfFalkin thank you both.
Have you used or heard of Tune my Music? Any issues with that software?

Thank you

Not familiar with it. I paid the $3-5 for sounddiiz one month then cancelled.

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No clue. I haven’t used it.

For what it’s worth, in case this is helpful to others.
I took the dive with Tune My Music (it’s free as far as I can tell). Was able to transfer playlists from Spotify and Amazon Music HD to Tidal with no problems. BUT - for some reason the platform does not support playlist sync’ing with Amazon - only Spotify. Not clear if/when they will add sync’ing support for Amazon.
I have the same question out to Soundiiz.

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Soundiiz has the same limitations for Amazon. It’s an Amazon problem. They won’t expose their APIs I think. Not totally sure.

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I heard back from Soundiiz. Looks like there may be a way to sync Amazon as well. I’m not taking their explanation for granted though - first sync is scheduled for Saturday. We’ll see how it goes.

Good luck!

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Resurrecting this thread to ask if it is possible to transfer playlists from Tidal to Qobuz? Use one of the above listed services? Any info much appreciated.

Soundiiz should work. I use it to transfer from Spotify to Tidal without any major issues. Got myself a subscription and the playlists sync each morning.
I am pretty sure Soundiiz supports Qobuz…