AmpsandSound Agartha 300B tube amplifier

From the manufacturer @ampsandsound

ā€œ The close of 2021 has brought out more than 18 months of a global pandemic. During these challenging times, we at ampsandsound strengthened our development efforts resulting in new generation of our classic amps.

Although the Agratha shares its name with our legacy 300B offering, little is the same. These times of challenges gave the focus to improve all aspects of the beloved amp; including both subtle and significant changes alike. Notable takeaways include increased power output, reduced noise floor across all our amps, increased bandwidth.

The ampsandsound Agartha brings the legendary Direct Heated Triode sound of 300B Triodes to personal audio. We returned to the 300b due to significant improvements in new manufactured offerings. Combining a single gain stage, zero feedback, and careful attention to grounding techniques, we can use a the Large 300B Triode with headphones without hum or noise.

The Agartha tube amp pairs a 6SL7 tube for the front end with tube rectification enabling excellent transient peeks, faster/livelier presentation, and ultra-quite operation. The Agartha uses direct-heated triodes with zero feedback providing the classic single-ended sound so widely loved.

Typical of all ampsandsound amplifiers, the power supply is massive. This, combined with a generous choke, yields our trademark low noise; less than 680mV at the idle, and stable output of 5 watts RMS into an 8ohm load and 3 .5watts into a 32ohm headphone. Frequency response is 12hz to 34hz at 1 watt, 1-dB. Carefully selected output iron reduces distortion and increases frequency response. And of course, we also use our 5% capacitors and 2% resistors.

The motivation of the Agartha is to provide wide bandwidth and give the warm mid-range bloom that is at the heart of single-ended direct-heated triode designs. Tube set included.

Wood Chassis dimensions:15.75" Wide x 9.75" Deepā€

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I thought I would get the discussion started here as @Grover and I both heard this beauty at can jam, I liked it so much I ordered one for my Heresy IV and my headphone stable as @hmss007 bought the show model before I could ;)! I am a big fan of 300B direct heated triode sound. There is something so special and honest about it, especially when it comes to vocals.


Quick cell shot burning in the tubes with my Hersey 4! Already sounds magical.


My Agartha has now has a Cherry base (thank you Justin) and Iā€™m breaking in my new WE 300Bs.


Agartha was awesome and my favorite amp at CanJam Socal. Hope to get some DHT love in the channel soon. Iā€™d love to hear LCD-5 on this amp.


The ampsandsound Agarth! Love it with my Cornscalas! Sad to see it go tomorrow! Thanks @hmss007 for lending it to me!


Awesome photos, wish I could try out the Agartha. Looks nice :slight_smile:


Love the LCD-5 Agartha pairing


Ooh. Tell me more.

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Live stream with @MRHifiReviews and @ampsandsound


Thanks brother, had a great time chatting with you guys! @TylersEclectic


That is a good looking amp. Hope to hear it in future.

Here is the distilled down to just Agartha discussion from the live stream!


Loved hearing your thoughts, thanks for sharing @TylersEclectic and @MRHifiReviews