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Agreed - Justin’s craftsmanship and quality is top notch so I’m sure it left the workshop at 100%. Either way, knowing Justin, he will make it right.


Stick with Justin–no worries.

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He’s helping me out solve the problems with the amp.


Glad to hear you got it sorted. Out of curiosity, what was the issue?

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Some pics of my red october i got recently. I blind bought this amp without hearing it and I Absolutely love this thing, It’s everything i hoped it would be. Thanks to justin @ampsandsound


Good lord… are those all transformers in the back?!? To heck with insensitive headphones, I’d bet you could drive the Space Shuttle with that thing.

Amazing! One of the few things In this world I’d also blind buy.

If I won the lottery, one of Justin’s pieces is something I’d buy right away.

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If you won the lottery, you could buy all of them… :wink:

Haha! Fair! There are a few companies where I’d buy the entire up and Amp&Sound is one of them.


You guys are super sweet the Red October is a bit of a monster.
CanJam SoCal with have some heavy weight monsters present.
The Red October does keep the promise of DHT sound but with enough power to power the abys and Sue of the world. I hope to be able to show what a pre does for though wanting to bend a 1266.


CanJam Socal is gonna be crazy indeed!!!

Hi all, quick question. I’m looking at adding a sub to my @ampsandsound Kenzie Ovation v2. Has anyone tried the REL Tzero MKIII? It ticks all the boxes I need but wasn’t sure if it would work (and not cause problems) with the Kenzie Ovation v2. I’ll be pairing it with some small little speakers (Decware Tiny Radials).

Thanks in advance.

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Reached out to Justin and he said it shouldn’t be a problem.

I might have mishandled a tube making the base become loose and positioning of the amp, basically sent the amp back to Justin so he could check it out which the amp was fine (thank God), got a new set of tubes and had to move the amp to a different place in my room and that was it, the noise was gone.

That’s great to hear. Thanks for the update!

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How did you mishandle it. If it was an old tube, it may have just worked loose over time. 1626? Some of those are 75-80 years old.

If your going to canjam socal would love to hear some comparisons of nautilus v red october.

Three months on from owning the red october and it still blows my mind everytime i listen to it :smiley:


I will 100% be checking these both out side by side if @ampsandsound has a little room for me at his table :wink:

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We have gorgeous examples coming.

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4 months on from owning the red october and experimenting with different tubes, dacs and headphones, I thought I would talk a bit about it.






Red october

WA33 JPS elite

Holo may KTE

Chord Dave and M-scaler

AQ niagara 5000

This is hands down my favourite amp and the most impressive amp I’ve ever heard. It’s honestly very hard to put into words how this thing sounds and even finding any negatives of it. I’m not a reviewer and describing audio gear in great detail doesnt come easy to me but i will try talk about my experience. Even 4 months after owning it now, everytime I sit down with this thing I’m totally blown away and in awe of it.

First of all. My absolute favorite headphone to pair with the red october is the abyss 1266TC. This headphone pairs so damn well on tubes and truly is the best way to hear the 1266TC and I use it the most on the red october. One of the main complaints of the 1266TC is the recessed midrange. With this amp, you won’t have that problem :smiley:

I also own susvara and utopia and rotate them regularly and both also sound very impressive on the red october. Some other headphones I’ve tried on this amp are the lcd4, lcd5, diana phi and diana TC. I have yet to find a headphone that doesn’t synergize well with this amp.

Regarding dacs to pair with the red october, I own a chord dave and m-scaler along with a holo may KTE. The reason why I have these 2 dacs is they sound so different to each other. The May leans to sounding more analogue, is slightly laid back, really smooth with amazing tonal density and overall just more natural. The dave is more vibrant and in your face with more resolution but also more fatiguing so careful matching is needed. After trying both dacs back and forth for months on end my personal preference is the holo may KTE. The combination with the red October just sounds ridiculously analogue and extremely smooth with great tonal density and weight and is overall more natural.

The red october sounds absolutely huge as long as your pair it with the right gear. The holo may has a massive soundstage as well as the 1266tc so when you pair all 3 together the end result is a absolutely massive soundtage in width and depth.

Regarding tubes. The Red october comes with gold lion 300B’s, a JJ 5571 and new production mullard GZ34 rectifiers. All of this combined, It’s very clear to me why Justin chose these tubes, it is the smoothest and least fatiguing I’ve heard the red october.

If the smoothness is too much you can roll the 12ax7 tube which honestly makes a much bigger difference than I would of ever imagined. Something like a telefunken 12ax7 or A sylvania 12ax7 black plate will make the amp lean towards being a bit more neutral with slightly less smoothness but you gain a more punchy sound.

I also own elrog 300Bs which I switch in every so often. The elrogs add absolutely crazy dynamics to the Red October along with some serious bass and imaging and speed. It is definitely a more analytical sound compared to the gold lion’s and you lose some richness and smooothness for sure.

I also own a WA33 JPS elite tube amp which is a seriously impressive amp but in my opinion the red october is pretty much better at nearly everything and is 2/3 of the cost. When you listen to a wa33 it sounds like a hybrid tube amp to me. It has the speed and imaging of a solid state amp but also the rounded off edges and tube spaciousness and smoothness. In my opinion the wa33 has more pinpoint accurate sharper imaging along with speed and transients but the red october beats it in every single other aspect. The Red october sounds way more tubier, much more open sounding, better midrange, richer, bigger soundstage (both depth and width), better tonal density, better timbre, more natural and alot more smoother and just overall more analogue than the wa33.

If I had to sum up the red october in one word it would be ‘euphoric’. This amp has the best midrange i’ve heard from any amp, it really is a midrange monster and has such an incredible musicality to it, it makes you feel the music with more emotion more than any other piece of gear I’ve come across. When you listen to this amp you forget about listening to your gear and analysing music and just end up compleley absorbed in the music.

I really hope more people can experience this amp and I’m hoping it gets alot more exposure at canjam this weekend.