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Yeah I tried too but found that recochoku had the same titles, was easier to use, and had a better interface so I stick with that right now.

Did you also have to jump through many hoops to be able to buy songs like I did with Mora?

Just so I have an alternative since Mora’s somewhat a PITA. I might wanna try it out if the buying process is easy.

You just need a vpn really and then I use a virtual card to pay and that’s it! (I use pay by privacy for my online cards–I highly recommend them for use with online sites)

*Haven’t tried to use my own card so I’m not certain if it works or not


Not sure if this technically counts, but I really like soundtrack in the game “Genshin Impact.”

They have different style of sounds for different regions, and I think the songs are really well-produced. I’m more partial to the soundtrack of the “Liyue” region so I’m just gonna link that. A lot of the soundtrack uses the idea of reusing a melody in different variations and/or with different instruments.

The official channel listed their full CD soundtracks on Youtube in 2 parts/discs. Here’s part 1: Jade Moon Upon a Sea of Clouds - Disc 1: Glazed Moon Over the Tides|Genshin

In the description, they have the timestamps where each track begins, ends, etc. Though I like almost all of the tracks, I particularly like tracks:

  • #1 Liyue
  • #3 Relaxation in Liyue
  • #4 Maiden’s Longing
  • #11 Cozy Leisure Time (Wangshu Daytime)
  • #13 Winding River
  • #16 Flows of Jade-like Water
  • #26 Foxes at Play

And in Part/Disc 2: Jade Moon Upon a Sea of Clouds - Disc 2: Shimmering Sea of Clouds and Moonlight|Genshin Impact - YouTube

  • #1 Peaceful Hike (Qingce Daytime)
  • #8 Adeptus’ Retirement
  • #10 A Serendipitous Encounter
  • #12 Rays of Sunlight
  • #15 Adeptus’ Solace

Actually my entire music library is Japanese music, at least when I started getting them in lossless format.

A lot of my music is from the music anime I have been following such as Bang Dream, Love Live, and D4DJ.

My favorite group to listen to is a band called Poppin’Party, from Bang Dream. All the band members participate in singing whether it is solo or all together. I get a lot of positive/inspirational vibes from their music.

Here is one of their songs if you are interested:


I’m sure some of you have at least watched one of their videos, but I’ve been in love with this channel ever since their first debut. If you haven’t seen any of their videos, these guys essentially invite jpop artists to perform in one take. No edits, no processing, no autotune…great test tracks to use for vocals!

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Yes! This channel is great. I noticed that they also release the music that is recorded there.

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I just buy CD.

In the case of events like Comiket, Reitaisai back in the day. Contact Nate
Nate or NForza is an experienced proxy/forwarder regarding this. Extremely trustworthy and reliable.
Information on his stuff are on Shrinemaiden, while deprecated you can somewhat see the thread history as a proof of his reliability.

Nowadays he is on Discord through the username NForza#4444

If you want to find old CD however. Use Surugaya:

This is by far one of the most reliable sites to find second hand CDs and I use it quite often. But you will need a Proxy service for this.
One of my friends recommend DEJapan and I have seen a lot of my friend do have positive reviews about it too.


Fortunately I’ve been able to find music I want commonly available but this is good info right here!

Will definitely keep this in mind, thanks!

Gald to help. These services are thanks to my friend for finding out tho.

That said, now that I am in Japan, it’s less of a problem… or like… more of a problem

I am slowly running out of shelf spaces -_-


You gotta appreciate physical media from Japan…always a joy to see the attention to detail they pour into these!

I got you, I have plenty of space here. Send em over! :joy:


I mean, it’s half the joy of collecting album. Check out the Doujin works and you will find ton.

Here is one of Confetto CD (aka Nanahira’s circle), the disk is completely transparent, but actually a usable CD, see the rim slightly sit around the CD? Inside that rim is the data


Just stumbled across this post. Lived in Japan 30 yrs. as far as Japanese music goes I prefer instrumentals. No language to screw thinks up. Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO sang in English. In 1980 their music was played at the PX all the time and is was great. Think Moog). T Square. Casiopea. Space Circus were some of my favorites. Watanabe Sadao. Watanabe Kazumi are house hold names there. (Last name first). Matsui Keiko and Kokubu Hiromi are another two jazz musicians.
Sorry. No anime. No “buriko". Cute girls with horrible voices.

No thanks on Seiko.



ゲーム = game
古本 = 2nd book Jimbocho. Found my Steps Ahead Magnetic LP there in the 90’s
トレカ I don’t know toreka
フィギュア nantoka nantoka figure —— shop. Forgot my Kanji (chinese characters in Japanese are called KANJI.
That’s enough for now

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“Trading card”. It’s the short form of this word :'D

I see. Ok. Thanks. I’m forgetting my Japanese

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I’m a regular shopper of the local Thrifts and this being in Kissimmee / Orlando there is a small, but steady stream of Japanese CD’s. Picked up a number of neat albums from Gundam Music ( CD & DVD two pack ) to Moe Anime ( All the interstitial music from K-ON! ) to Girl’s Generation ( Technically Korean ) to everything Cowboy Bebop.

Never mind the presentation clock from the JGSDF for 25 years of service, how that ended up here would surely make an interesting story.

Mark Gosdin


Looking forward to the upcoming live action Cowboy Bebop on Netflix. It was delayed due to COVID but I heard that they’ve wrapped up Season 1 and have started writing Season 2.

I know Netflix often throws gargantuan amounts of money at a production and ends up with something that’s not as good as the source material (IMO Locke & Key is terrible in comparison to the comics but then I gave up after a couple of episodes so maybe it got better) but I live in hope.


Great idea! I started watching anime and I ended up loving japanese music too! :smile:

Some of my favorite artists are: GARNiDELiA, Aimer, Daoko, LiSa …

I mainly found these artists from anime openings, but I really love some of their non-anime related songs.

Some tracks I personally enjoy a lot:

I will keep an eye on this thread as discovering new artists/songs it’s always nice!

JGSDF … no kidding. Zama?
MLC. Does that ring a bell?
Awards? Sure.