Any recommendations for the Cascade headband?

I love my Cascades, but the headband is truly horrible. Has anybody changed headbands or know someone who can do that? I would Love for these to have a Senny/Focal type of headband.

Just curious.

Shane D

Dekoni Nuggets are the most common that I have heard of being used for the Cascade.

Thanks Sabastien and I do use those. But the whole headband just sucks. :laughing:

The ZMF Pilot Pad (not copilot) in “Suede” can be made to fit.

I have a photo somewhere of when I did it.

Thanks for the suggestion, but the Nuggets do fine for me. I just hate the shape of the headband and that it lacks clamp. You can bend in clamp, but it “relaxes” after a while.

Be aware that the Nuggets can scar the headband fabric. I have used both Nuggets and ZMF pilot pads. I was shocked when i removed the Nuggets and saw cosmetic damage was done to headband. I even removed them very slowly.

I expect that as it is a pretty strong adhesive. I couldn’t imagine ever using them without Nuggets, so in a worst case scenario, i will just change Nuggets.