Appreciating the Under-appreciated Can

Recently picked up the hottest headphones head lining on, the, uh, adjusts glasses “Mediocre Headphones on Wall” and I have to say I’m impressed. After years of dedicated hunting for reproductive detail, I’m tired of cold precision. I now search for the old muffled warmth of my youth. These new cans from the “Mediocre” brand are like listening to apple ear buds through a mattress and I for one feel the price tag is a steal! Looking forward to sharing under appreciated cans and enjoying some holistic audiophile conversation.


My current everday cans. <3


Too bad that’s not a spork. How does it handle lush, warm, liquid mids?


I bet the liquid highs are glorious! Don’t those run a bit hot though?

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Gotta appreciate a mic that can also comb your beard or get at that facial itch. :slight_smile:

I’ve been pad rolling myself. Cream cheese mod helps with the mids. I have yet to try a Neufchâtel mod.


Let me tell you, I haven’t heard mids this fluid since I got swirlies in middle school.

I agree on the spork, but I’m sure someone has posted a mod process to fix that.

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They run super hot, but the isolation is just unbeatable.

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I mean… any mic worth its salt is multifunctional.

Genius modification, looking forward to the Neufchâtel update. Ive tried doing the bread mod, but when my cans heat up, they get too toasty.