ARE the DAP Days REALLY over, or not?

I used to use an old LG V20 as a DAP. I got a Qudelix 5K for Christmas, and that’s pretty much obsoleted DAPs and onboard audio for me. With LDAC, Bluetooth sound quality is more than good enough for me, and the built in EQ means that I get system wide EQ for everything.

I’m new to this concept of higher end portable music. I started on this quest almost a year ago, researching what was out there. I still consider myself dumber than a rock on much of this but I’m still learning.
What I thought would be a simple quest turned out to be anything but. I’ve had Apple itunes for years but their refusal to get on the bandwagon of Enhanced Bluetooth and Higher resolution music was kind of a bummer from my view. I’ve been a Amazon customer for over 20 years and when I looked into their new UltraHD music plan I jumped on board. That’s when things got complicated.
I naively thought I could get a reasonably priced DAP and enjoy HiRez music both at home and stream BT while out walking. It seems none of this is possible, at least on my budget. It seems you can’t stream Amazon Ultra HD or use any of the add on like UAAP, Poweramp or Onkyo on either Itunes or Amazon because of their proprietary formats. I purchased the Onkyo music player only to find out that it wont find either of my music libraries.
I ended up buying an LG V40 new old stock phone without a sim card. It will do everything I want except for playing Amazon at full resolution because of Android throttling. Here is another irony. I purchased a Sonata HD Pro Dongle. I can hook it to my iphone and it will play Amazon’s highest resolution (24/192}. It will not work with my V40. Frustrating. I don’t want to use my iphone as a player because of the limited storage.
I have sort of made peace with this situation. At home, I can listen with my HD580’s from my laptop or desktop because the will both play at 24/192. When I’m out walking, I use my V40 and output BT Aptx to my Sennheiser momentum 2’s. OK. Done with rant. Happy listening.


Why don’t you download UAPP on the V40? No more Android upsampling.


Interceptor69, chased that option down already. It won’t play nice with Amazon.

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I certainly hope not (he says as listening on a Hiby R6–balanced with ZMF cans, Tidal).
My wife is tone deaf, so we can rule here out immediately.
Kids: 32 yr boy and 22 yr girl. Absolutely no chance I can convince them at this point that music quality is real, much less important, and foremost anything to dedicate time to.
IMHO, Spotify, not going to lossless, really sums it up. Focusing on mega-content is the game. And spending time to actually hear HQ music nuance is “something my dad did”. Music is something to have in the background while doing something else. (Might as well be the TV smirk.)

To the positive: I’ve ordered the Hiby R6 2020. It has a SIM card slot! But, with cell service issues, it’s only for data in the US ATM.

So, I think the industry may be going in 2 directions: Cell phones with crappy audio, and high-end DAPs with phone capabilities. But once the “older generation” dies off, it’s really up to them.

How Boomer…


I am very satisfied with my Sony WM1A.

I thought the Hiby R8 was the only DAP with a SIM card.

Have Amazon but never listen to it. Didn’t realize UAPP didn’t support that service-sorry.

I don’t understand the thinking behind this thread. (Primarily looking at you Darko)

Why should we all use the same type of device?
Perhaps the idea of a DAP is that it is NOT a phone…

I use both my DAP and my mobile for music and I use both my flip flops and mountain boots on my feet, when one is better than the other, for that situation.
Development is good, but finetuning and component quality are also progress and valuable. The DAP is far from dead, as it is different from the mobile, but wallet size, needs, interests etc. are all elements that dictate if you want one or not.

I don’t own a motorcycle; I have a car and no interest in a motorcycle. I know people who have both, but why, they can do the same… or what?



I’m right there with you, but hey, I still like vinyl.


Same here.
Go as high as you can with sampling rate vinyl has another (I don’t write better or other adjectives) sound to my ears and it is the one I look for in the music I listen to.