Shanling M0 First Thoughts and Review

Sooo, I’m not sure about the rest of y’all, but I definitely have my eyes on the new Shanling M0. Now, normally, I ain’t the type to carry around more than my phone, wallet, keys, and headphones, but I think this could change very soon. Who else will be toting around this li’l DAP? If you’ve managed to get your hands on it, what are your thoughts?

That is one heck of a deal… I would jump on that but I am waiting on my Hiby3 to arrive. But at that price it is hard to pass up.

@MKLBlacKey Impressive set of features and equally impressive price point. Curious to learn more about its firmware maturity and overall stability. That’s where most of these “cheapo” devices are lacking. Owners please share.

Totally agree with ya! Although, it’s quite reassuring that Shanling has released a few devices this year, and all of them have a pretty solid build. In my brief time with the M2s and the M3s, I thought the firmware was pretty stable, but only time will tell whether the glitches take over. :wink:

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Glitches are the main reason I stay with an iPod Touch 6 for mobile: Light, millions of apps, rock-solid reliability, 128GB, and…just okay audio quality… :confounded:

I’m a mobile “mullet head”: business on the phone, party on the iPod…

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@generic Thanks for that image.

New profile photo…hmm?

Whenever I hear “mullet” I recall the old Jack in the Box commercial. Apple should re-imagine it with Kevin saying “I do business on the iPhone, party on the iPod.”
Oh the joys of an idle mind. Cheers