Are you getting the best sound possible out of your phone?

I was ready to drop quite a bit of money on a personal music set up and ditch my Android phone until I discovered a app called “Noozoxoide Eizo-rewire Pro”. That with my FiiO A3, made all the difference in the world. I know there are a lot nicer portables out there but if you’re looking to clean up your audio without spending a dime, go into your Google play music app , click on settings and turn off the EQ, then into your apps and disable the factory EQ. You will then have to reboot your phone. When it’s finished rebooting, go into Google Play store and install the Noozoxoide Eizo-rewire Pro app. I will run mine till she drops before I upgrade. Maybe you’ve noticed from my previous post that I’m a bit of a tight-ass, but I just tore a bicep and two tendons in my rotator cuff. You never know what is coming at you next, so when times are good, enjoy, and when they’re not, doesn’t hurt to try something new. Just because it’s free, it doesn’t mean it can’t be a great improvement.

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I was surprised by the upgrade in audio quality Nooz gave me on my S6. The trickiest part was the disabling of the Soundalive EQ that’s preinstalled on the phone if I recall correctly - “Package Disabler Pro” took care of this pretty easily though (non-rooted phone).