Astell&Kern x Empire Ears Odyssey In-Ear Monitors - Official Discussion Thread

This is the thread to discuss the Astell&Kern x Empire Ears Odyssey In-Ear Monitors collaboration.

From Astell&Kern

Technical Specifications

  • UPOCC Copper Litz
  • 26 AWG 4 Wire
  • EA Ultra FlexiTM Insulation
  • Proprietary Multi-Size Stranded design within a Single Encapsulation
  • Satin Black Effect Audio x Empire Ears Connectors and Y-Split

Quadbrid Design

W10 (Bone Conductor)

  • Otherworldly imaging, nuance retrieval and timbre are achieved via bone conduction from our W10 Bone Conduction Ultra Driver. (Full Range)

Five Balanced Armature Drivers

  • Custom spec’d Knowles(Upper Mid –High) and Sonion balanced armatures(Lower Mid – Mid) are commissioned with a single minded purpose of reproducing only the most pure, breathtaking mid-range frequencies.

Dual W9+ (Subwoofer)

  • Legendary, unparalleled bass reproduction is made possible by our purpose-built, W9+ subwoofers. (Sub bass - Bass)

Dual Electrostatic Tweeters

  • Distortion-free, lightning fast transient response and hyper treble extension from Sonion electrostatic drivers ensure unparalleled transparency.(High - Ultra High)


The all-new EIVEC MKII engine was developed specifically for Odyssey to ensure optimal timing, phasing and control between the electrostatic and bone conduction drivers – a monumental achievement.
Empire Intelligent Variable Electrostatic Control – EIVEC - is Empire’s approach to incorporating electrostatic EST drivers into IEMs. For all the incredible range and resolution, electrostatic drivers are notoriously hard to control, often overpowering other drivers. EIVEC is our solution to that, and the degree of control provided by EIVEC is so precise that the electrostatics can operate independently, performing disparate tasks within the sound stage to deliver layer upon layer of detail and texture for unparalleled performance.

Personally, the Odin is my all-time favourite IEM but I wished it had a tad more bass. It looks like the Odyssey may be that IEM. Excited to try it out at CanJam this weekend!


Has anyone measured the FR or heard these yet? I’m very intrigued. Like Taron, I love the Legend EVO, but sometimes wish it had a little more clarity in the mids and highs like the Odin. This may be the best of both worlds.

If anyone could post any concrete info on these IEMs it would be very appreciated. I’m genuinely interested, but not trying to drop that kind of money on something I have literally NO information on.