Empire Ears Legend X - Official Thread

The Empire Ears Legend X is a flagship hybrid driver IEM with 5 balanced armature drivers handling treble and midrange, as well as 2 W9 high excursion dynamic drivers for bass frequencies.


  • Drivers - 7 Proprietary Drivers, Hybrid Design (2 W9 Subwoofers, 2 Mid, 1 Mid-High, 1 High, 1 Super High)
  • Impedance - 14 ohms @ 1kHz
  • Sensitivity - 102dB @ 1kHz, 1mW
  • Cable - 26AWG UPOCC Litz Copper Cable, Handcrafted by Effect Audio
  • Carrying case - Yes
  • Price $2299

The main takeaway for me after spending a week with it is that the Legend X has the craziest slam in the bass I’ve yet heard. In my mind this competes with the Sony IER-Z1R in that category and I’d have to have them side by side in order to conclude which is better. It’s also reasonably well-balanced for the rest of its frequency response, but keep in mind this is without question a ‘V-shaped’ sound signature, with a substantial bass elevation. It’s technical performance like detail, stage, instrument separation etc. is also top tier, being able to compete with other flagships. The one downside for me is that the bass emphasis is just too strong, and for most of the music I like to listen to, it tends to crowd out the rest of the mix a bit. But with that said the treble balance is really impressive, even if there’s the slightest 5khz zing (not as much as there is with the Valkyrie). Overall I’m once again impressed by what these hybrid style IEMs can do for bass slam, and overall just the detail capability is amazing.

You can check out my full written comparison here (along with a video at the bottom):

For anyone into modern genres like electronic music, hip hop, EDM etc. this is worth a look.


That was a fair comparison with the Trio. I actually prefer the Legend X over the Trio for precisely the reasons you mention-- I wanted an IEM with almost over the top bass but also a high degree of detail, resolution and top tier staging, and the LX excels in those departments, even if the bass is a tad overwhelming at times. The Z1R doesn’t come close in the slam department-- it’s got fantastic texture and extension, but is actually quite polite when it comes to “slam”. The Trio might be a closer comparison in that regard.

I really enjoy your videos by the way. I personally like the Solaris and LX over the u12t and Trio respectively but your descriptions and evaluations reveal precisely where my own preferences diverge from the more pure audiophile sensibilities that appear to define your own tastes. Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the kind words! Yeah it’s a good sanity check haha. I also felt like the slam was better on the LX than the z1r, but that’s just from memory so I couldn’t be sure. Also meet conditions and whatnot.


I’ve been using the Legend X for the last couple days out of the iBasso DX220 and I was honestly a little disappointed right out of the gate. I went in expecting brain shaking bass and instead got some well-textured slam but not to the extent that I was expecting. I chalked it up to be unrealistic expectations ahead of listening to the Legend X. It has great detail and a fairly decent soundstage but I can get that from other IEMs. I wanted that slam.

That changed this morning though. After hitting the gym this morning and stopping at a Starbucks on the way to the office they finally seemed to fit just right and “Picture You” by Mumford and Sons came on and it all came together. I could finally feel that W9 Subwoofer in my ear and it was glorious. I can definitely see how the amount of bass in the Legend X can turn some people away but it’s right up my alley.

Up until this point I had just been using the Final E series tips (which I don’t particularly like) that come with all Empire Ears IEMs. I’ll be doing some tip rolling today along with some listening on the RME ADI-2 DAC fs later today when I’m not listening to the HEDDphone. I have a feeling Comply tips may lean a little far into muffled territory but luckily we’ve got a lot of options lying around the office.


I found the Legend X to be more L shaped than V, the treble didn’t do it for me which is why I ultimately sold my customs but I’m a small treble head so maybe that’s why I perceived it more as L. Fantastic IEM regardless.

This is great thank you @taronlissimore. Curious where you are landing on tips. I use Comply T500s with the LX (as recommended by Empire Ears), and they work well for me (although I have to say that silicone tips tend not to work for me for some reason). Would be interested to hear your thoughts. thanks!

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