Audeze Mobius Planar Magnetic Wireless Gaming Headphone - Official Thread

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Maybe I don’t fully understand the impressions vs official thread/discussions posts, but should this thread be merged with First impressions of the Audeze Mobius ?

I had the opportunity to try the Mobius at CanJam in LA. I think it’s going to be a game-changer.

  1. It’s a wireless planar magnetic headphone from Audeze for under $500
  2. It’s a gaming headphone that doesn’t look cheesy
  3. It has game-changing DSP that gives a realistic 3D audio experience

Any of those things alone would be exciting. The fact that their all in one package is unbelievable.

I only spent a few minutes with them, but I was immediately impressed. I didn’t get to watch the demo of Battlefield. I just listened to a normal track on Sankar’s phone and got to experience the total trip of 3D audio being applied to music. This was an early prototype, and there were times when it felt like the 3D experience was a little too aggressive. They’ll probably get that all ironed out before they start shipping.

Overall, I’m very excited for these to hit the market - I think projects like this are the future of personal audio.


These certainly were interesting when I tried them out about a week ago. The 3D audio works very well!

Two criticisms though,
the bass is not like the audeze bass I’ve come to know from LCDs, did not experience the intense sub-bass or impact from these,
also the plastic pivoting joints just above the earpiece squeek quite loudly everytime you adjust them, quite annoying…

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Hopefully they’ll get the squeaking taken care of before the main production run!

I only had the chance to check out the gaming demo they had setup because the Audeze booth was absolutely ridiculously busy at CanJam.

They sounded neat for sure. There was one part of the demo, i believe it was during Mass Effect Andromeda where they sounded like a piercing mess but I don’t know if that’s because of the headphones themselves or that part of the demo.

They did mention that there was going to be eq options but they weren’t letting anyone play around with them so I imagine they could be EQed for some LCD-like bass.

I purchased a pair sight unseen, or more importantly sound unheard, on a pre-sale. I will confess to some nervousness about that deep dive.

Hopefully when they arrive my angst about the decision will be replaced with rainbows and unicorns.

Come to think of it, games with rainbows and unicorns aren’t really my thing, but you know what I mean.


We had lunch with our Audeze rep a couple weeks ago and I can tell you that they are definitely taking the feedback they have received from early reviewers and forums seriously and are tweaking ahead of product launch!

There are so many cool features on paper built in that probably could’ve been split accross a couple of headphones. The fact that they put it all into one is great and i expect it will hit more of the good than the bad. But Audeze has shown in the last year that they are starting to listen to the community unlike other companies and I think Sankar is really pushing for new, innovative design and tech. They may not all work out but it definitely adds some flavour to the headphone world!

I got in fairly early on the Mobius Indiegogo campaign based on early impressions from fellow audio enthusiasts. My primary use will be gaming on the Nintendo Switch and movies from my Macbook Pro. Here’s hoping they get the Apple Camera CCK connect support ironed out, but AAC support via Bluetooth is a big plus in the meantime.

Go Team Copper!!

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Definietly! The impressions thread has been moved over to the official thread. Thanks for noticing!

The Mobius looks like it will be shipping out this month. For everyone who got in on the indiegogo campaign, have you received any updates on your orders?

I got a notification that they should be shipping by end of the month…hopefully sooner lol

Same as @TylersEclectic. Audeze plans on having all Indiegogo orders of Mobius shipped by the end of July. There will be 3 shipping phases - which phase you are in is dependent on your “perk” purchased. Phase 1 and 2 will ship from the California facility after a QC inspection. Phase 3 will ship directly to Indiegogo customers from China.

Mine order will be part of the phase 3 shipment. I expect I won’t see it until sometime in August.

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I purchased a pair during the last week of the preorder offer. Wish I had purchased it during the indiegogo campaign. Can’t wait for it to be delivered. Looking at August delivery now… ugh

Just received a pre-retail unit in the office today!

Shooting a quick unboxing video and then going to be playing with them all day. Audeze let me know that its not quite the final product as they are still doing some firmware updates but its pretty much there!

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That is exciting. Can’t wait to hear your impressions!

“I am Tyler’s raging jealousy” ha but seriously looking forward to the unbox, and first impressions! keep us posted!

Lots to unpack here!

In the box:

  • Detachable, flexible microphone
  • Cable with 1/8" to 1/8" (3.5mm) Aux connectors
  • Cable with USB A to USB C terminations
  • Cable with USB C to USB C terminations
  • Quick Start guide
  • Instruction manual (called “The Traveler’s Handbook to the Mobius Universe”)
  • Warranty booklet

So far I have been using the Mobius exclusively with the USB C to USB C through my Macbook Pro since its what I have at work. I’ve been alternating between my music as well as twitch streams to test out some of the features.

Touching on the 3D sound first, I don’t think I would recommend it for music. Just because it doesn’t feel completely natural to turn your head and have all the music go in one ear. If you were at a concert or listening to speakers, yes it would be a little louder towards one ear but you would still hear with the other. It is a little off putting. I will be testing it with some movies( Terminator 2, Interstellar, LOTR: Return of the King and a few others) and games through Macbook, PC, PS4 as well as Xbox One as the week goes on.

The Mobius has 7 different EQ presets. To access the presets, you give the mic volume button a press and scroll the wheel. It will scroll between the presets.

  • Default: Supposed to be the closest to Audeze house tuning
  • Footsteps: Enhances the sound of footsteps (haven’t tested yet)
  • Ballistics: Provides more impact on ballistic sounds and gunshots (haven’t tested yet)
  • Music: Eq for listening to music
  • Racing: For racing games
  • RPG: For RPG games and immersion
  • Flat: Turns the EQ presets off

I do wish they had an EQ preset for movies as I would be interested in how they decided to EQ for it. I know its already doing a lot but it would be a nice option.

The other option to swap between is your audio modes. By pressing down on the mic volume button for around 3 seconds you can swap between 3 options:

  • 2 channel. With 2 channel you can still use the 3D mode option. Everything seemed rather dull in comparison to to the other options.
  • 7.1 Surround. Obviously where 3D mode thrives. Its interesting for music for sure but I won’t be able to really evaluate it until I get some games in.
  • High-Resolution: 3D mode is not an option with High-Res. It is 2-channel of course and the Mobius does sound pretty fantastic for music on this mode. I do need to cycle through BT, AUX and USB A to C of course but right now I’m impressed.

When you swap between 3 options, my Macbook at least, recognized them as 3 different devices. So if you are listening to something you would rather keep to yourself, just make sure your PC / Mac volume is turned down as you will have to switch your audio to the correct device the first time around. After the first time though, there were no issues with switching settings.

To be completely honest I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from the Mobius for music listening. I know some of the hype was around that but I was mostly excited about the tech. But, at least when listening on High-Res, the Mobius impresses. I have been using the music EQ preset which is a little warmer than the Default and Flat. Both the flat and default are very similar and are closer to neutral. I am finding that unlike with a lot of Audeze headphones, I have been able to use the Mobius for quite a few genres of music. Normally with their LCD series, I mostly stick to synth but the Mobius has been pleasant for everything. The low-end is present but it seems tighter and punchier than the usual relaxed Audeze low-end.

So far early impressions are good. Definitely need to spend some time with them since there is so much going on. This pair is getting sent back to Audeze as well so I’ll be in a bit of a time crunch to try everything out. This should be a fun week though!


Thanks for the thorough updates! I’m jealous you already get a set to play around with. I’m really pumped to hear that you are enjoying it with music, especially since it seems your previous experience with Audeze LCD headphones matches mine. I have always liked my past LCD-2F and my current LCD2C, but I have never “loved” either of them. I am hopeful the Mobius offers enough extra interesting features along with great sound quality to raise my enjoyment that final notch.

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I’m putting my thoughts together on these right now. Will have a final impression/review post up on Monday.

I can say that my wife asked me to grab her a pair after using them for a couple hours which isn’t something that happens often.

For wireless, I’ve also only used them with AAC as I don’t currently have a LDAC device to use with them.