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Intrigued, but decided to pass (and they have since sold out) …

But if the LCD-R is as good as I hope it is, and I suspect it will be based on my experiences with the SR1a, then I cannot imagine it’ll be the only headphone Audeze produces with that driver.

Things will get really interesting for me if Audeze come out with an even higher performing model using that driver in the future, and how it compares to the upcoming circumaural SR1a.


…. Great news !!! I’ve spent the last couple hours with it in my cart, trying to decide what I could sell or some justification to just get it (of which I came up with sooo many reasons ). :joy:
Now the pressure is off…for the moment. :sweat_smile:


Loved the ad too !! :blue_heart::blue_heart:


So, while I am under NDA to Audeze and can’t say too much, I did find the LCD-R excellent! Doing the product photography for it was also fun, the burned rings really do look amazing in person.

The tuning is close to the new LCD-X to my ears, maybe slightly less top end and slightly flatter bass at the very bottom end. Very fast and snappy, I thought it was cool. No idea if they’ll use this driver again, but I hope they some day come out with the super high impedance drivers they showed a couple years back - I recently tried an LCD-4 on a modded Lafigaro OTL and it was startlingly good!


News is out - Introducing the Audeze LCD-R! | Headphone Reviews and Discussion -

2000ohm planars need to make a come back.

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I’m personaly waiting for yhe first person to try it on the hsa-1b and report in. The idea that there are 0 other amp options is kind of annoying me given how much the raals change off the R tbh

I applaud the innovation, but it’s hard to get too interested in a limited 67 unit release that only works with 1 amp.


yeah… I’m going to try one (I’m a weak fanboi) … but the 1 amp thing is “meh” hope it sounds so good I forget about that.


Congrats, I hope it pleases. Part of it is me invoking my defense mechanisms to not suffer from FOMO.


I had to go into a work meeting and came out and it was gone. Sad.


Is it really only 1 amp? Should work with most speaker amps no?

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From Audeze:

" NOTE: you MUST use the LCD-R with this particular Schiit amplifier.
Using any other amplifier will void the warranty."


…to not suffer from getting stuck with a White Elephant.


Yup, that remains the primary concern. At least this comes with a 30-day return policy.


only reason I made the “site unheard” purchase at that amount. There’s some other stuff I’m really interested in but can’t buy because quite frankly, no returnability means I’m not buying it unless I’ve heard it.


Another impression with an interesting comment about some other potential new Audeze stuff Audeze LCD-R Headphones Will Make You Go ApeSchiit -

And another (this guy really seemed to like them): Audeze LCD-R Headphones + Schiit Jotunheim-A Amplifier Review

The ability to return here is key. I’m not always in the position to demo in advance for non-returnable products.


This is exactly where I am at. I’m currently trying to work out a deal on some susvars and an amp, but I’m terrified I won’t like them and have to offload some real slow moving gear. Like almost everyone seems to think they are utterly amazing so I’m not too worried, but I also wasn’t a fan of arya (it just felt boring) so I have this tinny little niggle of a feeling going “but everyone you know that preaches susvara also liked arya”. The 30 day return period on these made the jump super easy

You know, I was going to joke around and say if anyone wants to offer me 10k ill just ship em now, but not that I’ve listened I think I may need to reconsider. These are very very solid off of initial impressions (aka 15 songs). Never heard sus or 1266 but detail it similar to utopia is my gut check. We will see how opinions evolve over the next while.

Come general aesthetic comments. The grills are prettier than the cup surrounds. Reminds me of an old linnen loom made with brass due to the right hand twill weave. Also, the fazors are massive. Like holy crap. They don’t touch my ears but this will 1,000% be an issue for some

A couple of small cosmetic things. A blip in the powder coating i couldn’t possibly care about, but the knob on the amp still has the spru remnant which is kind of annoying tbh. Its not much effort to check the knows and blip em with a sander yo get rid of that. I couldn’t possibly see a dent from over sanding with where it is, but I can absalutely see the spru.