Bad news for the tube market (should we worry?)

So, I just came across an article discussing how the current “situation” in Ukraine is going to affect the tube market, that is, how it’s going to affect Electro Harmonix (EHX) and its brands: Tung-Sol , Electro-Harmonix , EH Gold , Genalex Gold Lion , Mullard , Svetlana, Sovtek

What do you guys think?

Note: I do not want to spread any fake panic, I’m genuinely just trying to spread this news and hear what everybody thinks about the situation and the future of tubes


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Should be the last thing for anyone to worry about.


I am of the mindset, there will be an intermediary between Russia and places like the USA. Prices will go up because they can.

This is from the only goods being affected. There are plenty that shortages are significant issue because they are manufactured mainly in the Ukraine.

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I would worry more for the people of Ukraine.
There is probably a ton of inventory in the US of most tubes.


Very well said. Buying tubes for Russia is the least of peoples worries. I worry more about the people in the Ukraine than some dam audio tube.


Agreed. My wife’s parents and extended family members are in Kyiv right now and friends in the Donbass and Poltava regions of the country. I pray this is over quickly!


Yeah, but discussing tube shortages brought about by the war on a headphone forum versus the suffering of the Ukrainian people and their fight for their nation’s existence doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game. But I totally agree, our money should be going to humanitarian and military aid, not stockpiling and hoarding our favorite electro-harmonix tubes.


I worry about the people in Ukraine, I worry about Ukraine.

Some will consider it as politics so I just stay away from mentioning it. No, tubes are not more important than human lives that are lost in the war, and the lives that are being disrupted by war.

No, tubes are not a greater concern than food and other industries that are and will be affected by this war.

This is a headphone forum, so I thought I’d discuss something related to the audio industry. In no way will I be helping Ukraine by discussing the pain that I feel for their country and people — blatant truth.

I have friends in Ukraine, I stay in touch with them and am checking if they and their family are safe. I am not discussing tube shortages with them…


I worry about Ukraine and I worry about my home country. I don’t want to see Baltic states getting destroyed like Ukraine.

I feel like this thread is steering off to a political discussion.

Personally, I just hope that the violence stops in Ukraine. The destruction and terror. We are all witnessing Ukraine getting destroyed. Now, neither Ukraine nor Russia is clean (politically), but what is happening now is that innocent lives are paying the price of this political conflict.

I don’t like politics. I don’t follow politics. I am always on the side of people and the victims. At the end of the day, it’s not the politicians who are fighting in the front lines.

If the situation accelerates outside of Ukraine, it’s pretty safe to assume that WW3 will break out.

As far as I’m concerned, this thread can be deleted by mods since it went off-topic way too quickly.


Although we all have opinions on what is going on at them moment, we still stick by the rule of not discussing politics on the forum.

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