Vacuum Tube Headphones

**Vacuum Tube Headphones **

Ecoute Vacuum Tube Headphones


Now that’s interesting …

They “say” all the right things in the write-up …

Beyond all my usual skepticism … the first concern I’d have is about putting a NuTube anywhere near a transducer. Those things RING LIKE A BELL when they’re subjected to any shock or vibration … and even the suspension systems in some of the DAPs/amps that use them, don’t damp it out entirely …

I can imagine lots of feedback and microphonic issues …


So I ordered one on KickStarter. It could be a flop, but I would have thought they would have understood the risks of using a tube in this configuration, and compensated for them.

Taking one for the team!


Have you received any update on when you’ll get these?

I purchased these Ecoute’ headphones in September. Have not heard anything from them since then.

I did contact them and requested the ship date. Well advise when that is received.



Ecoute’ experienced delays and should be shipping in May.

Here is the detail: Ecoute Shipping in May


I remember seeing a version of these at CES back in 2017. They weren’t available for listening at that point but looked interesting.

Not sure if it’s the same company or a different one but the design is pretty much exactly the same.

Definitely interested in seeing how they turn out. I’m always down to see companies that try and shake things up (even if the first version doesn’t end up hitting).

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