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Tell me about it, those prices are insane and moreover I checked on French websites (thnaks Google Translate) and found out the French pay about half what we pay here. I know the Euro is pretty high so obviously converting in dollars is expensive but still, what we pay for those pads here amounts to charging $100 for shipping items that weigh a few ounces.

Thank God French wine producers aren’t as greedy as French high-end audio manufacturers. It’s not just headphones (they are worth the money) but every audio item from France I’ve ever come across is very expensive but on the other hand, extremely good quality. I was told it was because the French only export top-tier equipment. I suppose that could be the case.

Regarding Elex pads, some say they aren’t the same as those of “real” Focals, as a result of the “bare bone” treatment from Drop. Drop’s Elex has many Chinese parts on it which keeps cost down and still allow a profit. That’s fine with me, I know the Chinese are perfectly capable of making as good a pad as anyone, Hifiman is living proof of that. Besides, Focal would never have allowed Drop to use poor quality products otherwise it wouldn’t let Drop use the name “Focal” on the Elex. But unfortunately for Drop Focal is drastically dropping its prices on the Elear and Clear, both of which are “pure” Focals. Thid makes the Elex a lesser value than it was at launch when the Elear still sold for $1,000 and the Clear for $1,500.

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I’m in uk and as far as I know we still have to pay silly prices for their pads. It’s just insane. Surely they don’t cost anywhere near that to produce. I may be way off in my thinking but to me it smacks of greed. I do really like their products but still, for something like pads it’s not on. Rant over. :no_mouth:


Oh you bet it’s greed, Focal banking on its prestige to extort more cash from their devoted customers. Of all high-end audiophile headphone manufacturers I know of Focal pads are the most expensive.

And then there are the cables. Focal wants from $135 to $150 for a replacement of the Elear’s cable. They’re clever, they know very well that this unusually thick, heavy-gauge and (too) long cable would be difficult to on the third-party market. I have several high-end cables I acquired over the years and all of them sound worse on the Elear than the original, which Focal designed exclusively for that model. On the other hand and as long as you don’t have a chew-it-all dog or kitty in the home that cable should last for 50 years. It’s the most rugged headphone cable I ever came across.

Not sure about the Clear’s three cables but I would tend to think that Focal didn’t put as much money on them as they did for the Elear’s jumbo line. I can’t really blame them, providing three cables while remaining competitive on a market segment is no small deed.

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I’d like to make a complaint about this thread. Where should I post it?


That would be for the “On Topic : Complaints Thread”


I just wish Focal would drop the cost of the earpads for the Clears from $200 to say $99…



Just for the heck of it I slapped my Clear pads on my Elears today. At first it sounded as weird as it looked, then I remembered I had DSP on the Elears so turned that off. The resulting sound was not “exactly” that of the Clear but relatively close, more discreet bass, more forward mids. Less slam if you prefer, and some prefer indeed. Proper DSP can make the Elear sound good and accurate enough so as to not want to purchase the Clear but there are a number of people who prefer a mechanical solution for upgrade like using Clear pads on the Elear, which creates a market for Clear pads that extends beyond that specific model. Unfortunately that means Focal will likely not drop the price on those pads any time soon. Dekoni is still in business.

Bloom Audio has Focal Clear Earpads for $149
AudioAdvisor has them for $99