Best dj headphone

Recently joined music mixing career and as a beginner I have gotten a pioneer turntable, next up is a decent headset for mixing, I’m looking at DJ headphones and found some amazon, this one, also I researched on google and found this tech blog Are Sony MDR7506 really that good? thanks in advance!

I can’t recommend a specific set of headphones, only some ideas to consider. They have to be durable; they will be banged around more than a normal set. Make sure that you can replace as much as you can…or remove to repair/clean: cables, head band, earpads. Most dj’s also prefer a tighter fitting set, as you will likely be moving more than a person just listening to music in their lazyboy…you don’t want them sliding around when you get sweaty. A decent example are the beyerdyanamic DT 880 Pros as compared to the DT 880 special editions. The performance may not be what you are looking for, but the physical build of the unit is. They have a narrower fit on your head, easy to replace earpads, and they’re made for studio use and will stand up to punishment. Hopefully someone can point you in the direction of some specific units.

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Sennheiser hd-25-ii was what I used. Great sound, great attenuation, and comfortable for long hours. Change to velor pads to absorb sweat as nightclubs are hot places. Worth the $$. I’ve had a pair of hd-25 since 1999

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Sennheiser is easy on the treble, sony’s were too much highs…in a club you’ll oush the volume up and I thought the sony highs would do too much damage to my ears.

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“Are Sony MDR7506 really that good?"


If you want to hear EXACTLY what’s on the recording, these are the phones. I use nothing else to mix down and EQ podcasts.

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Also…get in the habit of practicing at low volumes as you want to work on your ability to focus on the particular instrument you’re beat matching with.

In the beginning you’ll beat match to the kick, eventually you’ll get to ability to beat match to the hi hats. The practicing at low volumes will give you confidence.

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I couldn’t say what brand/model headphones are best for DJing now as it is a long time since I last DJ’d.

To be honest, all I looked for in DJ cans was for them to be loud with exaggerated mid bass and plenty of treble. The emphasis being on loud. Also, I would definitely go closed back and look for something that is flexible enough for you to wear just one ear and push the other out of the way without any snaps.

If I was looking for a set I would probably start with the cheaper end of the AudioTechnica M series. I would aim for the cheaper stuff because in my experience I had to replace them at least twice or three times a year due to them getting beaten a lot.

I disagree with @Shane on the velour pads though, I sweat a hell of a lot and the velour (or similar pads) turned into wet sponges on the side of my head in 5 minutes. I preferred having to use my shoulder to hold the ear cup in place and being able to fling the sweat away than having a sponge soaked in salty water on the side of my head :wink:

BTW, all of this will depend highly on what kind of music you are mixing and where. I was DJing HipHop in clubs, maybe somebody who is DJing the best if the 80’s at 60th Birthday parties will need something completely different (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with playing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” in exchange for cash :smile: )