Bose QC 35 ii Wireless Headphones - Official Thread

I have a pair of QC 35 ii on my head for the first time. Here are my initial impressions:

  • The noise-canceling is really good. Even without music, it does a great job of eliminating background noise
  • The Bose Connect App is really intuitive and well-designed (Particularly when compared to Sennheisers Captune app)
  • Even though I’m on an iPhone X, the Google assistant integration is very useful and well executed. I was surprised at how useful Google Assistant can be on iOS. I haven’t tried these on Android yet, but I would say this integration would be a killer feature on an Android device.
  • The sound is not great so far (particularly when compared to Sennheisers PXC 550). It sounds veiled and a little muffled with ANC on or off. I’ve been listening from my iPhone X using Apple Music. Apparently, the QC 35 has support for Apples AAC codec but there’s no way to tell if it’s actually working.

Would you say for the price is it worth the sacrifice in sound quality for the ANC technology? How are they in terms of comfort? I know previous Bose models were pretty light so do these keep with that trend?

Not sure what you mean about the price being worth the sacrifice in sound quality.

The ANC, Bose Connect App, and Google Assistant integration are where these really shine. As far as sound quality, that’s a personal tradeoff. It depends on how much you value the QC 35s strengths. But ya… the sound is not great.

They are light and a little more comfortable than the Sennheiser PXC 550s.

I meant to say is all the technology built into the headphones worth it over being able to listen to music that sounds good?

Haha, well that totally depends on how much you value sound. And since I know you value sound, I would say go with the PXC 550 instead. It’s almost as good technically, and the sound is WAY better.

Going to be honest with you my friend, the Bose QC 35 II is one of the best Bose offerings thus far. It has the flattest sound signature of any Bose product and it sounds ok for what it is. I preferred others but Its really good for what it is.

Just like the founder Amar Bose he believed in creating a sound signature that most people would like, which is why its more of an excited curve. Its much brighter than its competitors such as the Sony WH1000x in the high end and alot cleaner in the low end, this is why I preferred it.

One thing you may notice is its inconsistency in frequency, bose implemented this adaptive frequency modulations which changes based on volume and what you are listening to, its very weird and if you have a sensitive ear you may here the changes.

If you are looking primarily for sound quality I do suggest the sennheisers like andrew stated. I just think the bose has the best full package.

I’m looking at buying QC 35’s. One of the big uses for them will be talking on the phone. Do the people on the other end receive voices clearly? Can they tell your using a headset?

I have just used mine to talk over the phone one time (actually it was on messenger) and they said it came over just fine.

I’ve been reading good reviews of the newest Sony. Anyone have a comparison? I have the 1000x and I’m thinking of upgrading.

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