Buy & Sell: Banned User List

While Buying & Selling through forums always has a risk, I figured it was important to start a thread of users that have been banned from our Buy & Sell section in case you encounter them on other forums. Names of users will only be provided if they have it in their forum profile.

If you have purchased through our forum and did not receive the item you should have or notice users in the Buy & Sell that you recognize have been banned from other exchanges, feel free to PM the mod team and we will look into it.

  1. User: Bogginhead - Name: Lee McDonald.

Ban Reason Was unresponsive to another user during a trade and could not provide any shipping information. User received a defective item from Bogginhead and received no responses to remedy the situation. Bogginghead was also banned from r/AVexchange. We recommend avoiding doing any trades or purchases with this user on any forum as the common thread is someone makes a purchase, does not get the item by promised date, string of excuses, item has a problem, Bogginhead goes silent.


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Users that have been banned from the community in whole, or just from the #buy-sell section of this community?

This is what I see

But I guess because he scammed someone, he deserved it!

Seriously, if you scam someone, you deserve some sort of moderator action!

But still, is that list for anyone who is banned from the community in whole, or just the #buy-sell section?

They are banned from this entire community, anyone who gets this hammer will.

This thread is specifically for users banned from the Buy & Sell section and it is pinned so that other communities can be aware of these users if they join their community Buy & Sells.

As far as regular banned users, they do not have a thread.

So their are other banned users?

Yes. Spammers, people who have threatened violence, useless noise, etc…


What’s “useless noise”?

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