Campfire Audio Andromeda in-ear Headphones - Official Thread

Okay, I’ve finally collected my impressions in the form of a video review.

tl;dr; I like them, but they’re not perfect.


Wow, that’s a fantastic job you’ve done percy. Packed with info. One point and it’s only a very small one. But as you asked for any pointers I hope you take it as helpful. When you’re letting us listen to the Andromeda’s you’re talking over it and it’s a little distracting. Apart from this I really love what you’ve done. Congratulations on a fine first foray into online video reviews.


Thanks Paul! The live listening thing definitely needs work. I’m not actually playing sound from the Andromeda because I don’t have a proper rig for recording them, rather I was hoping to use the songs as a reference point for my sound description, hence the talking over… Gonna have to think about this some.


It’s a difficult one. As I have no experience with using such gear I cannot offer any help. You could as @TylersEclectic or @Resolve. These guy’s know about that kind of stuff I think. And there is the inimitable @Torq (Ian) will know how this stuff works.

Good luck with it all though. I thought you did a great job. Please keep it up. Perhaps you could do some series on how to EQ and measure FR for the beginner. I know it would help lots of people. Many don’t know where to start sometimes. I include myself in this. If one hasn’t any background in Science, Engineering or Hobby Electronics it’s daunting. I know that you’ve dabbled extensively with EQ. Perhaps others could chip in too. Maybe start a thread for it. You could become the EQ Guru. Just thinking out loud.


I just spent some more time with the Andromedas this afternoon, and your statement perfectly sums up how I feel about them.


For anyone wanting to see how the 2020 Andromeda compares to the OG Andromeda, here are some measurements from the GRAS rig:

Keep in mind that these are uncompensated, using the GRAS RA402 ear sim, which means 8khz and above may look a bit different from the 711 from Crin’s measurements. Here’s the official word from GRAS as to why:

The RA0401/02 has a damping system that attenuates the half-wave resonance at 13.5 kHz and thus extends the useful frequency range to 20 kHz. It uses the same ½” microphone as the original version and fully complies with the standard. This is why we recommend it as the first choice when you are looking for a “standard” 60318-4 ear simulator - but without its shortcomings at high frequencies. We think of it as “the new normal”.

For the Andromeda comparisons, the new one both sounds and measures a bit better in my opinion. It’s overall just more balanced, with a bit more energy in the mids and a bit less spicy treble. I think they didn’t need to curb the treble as significantly but it works.


Noice!!! Andro2020 is quite the nice IEM… I find it similar to my AndroGold but the golds have more V shape to them… also I thought the Andro2020 reminded me of the U12t in signature… but less “Resolving” very smooth and easy to get along with… I could see this being a new standard do all IEM again… plus the price is good for a TOTL IEM!
here is a shot I did for


Yes, agreed - it’s a great IEM. I’ll write up some impressions soon; I’ve had mine for a few weeks now and am getting used to them. Two immediate thoughts:

  1. like the Focal Clear* this is an IEM that doesn’t really do anything wrong; there’s nothing wonky or incoherent or imbalanced about its presentation, and it walks a nice line between being musical, engaging, and lively without being fatiguing
  2. its slightly dark sound signature makes for a lovely treble response - plenty of air and smoothness even while extending reasonably high. I suspect this makes it well-suited to a wide range of genres.

*to be clear (ahem), the Andro 2020 doesn’t sound like the Clear; the Clear is much punchier and has a brighter sound signature while also offering deeper bass extension, and the Clear has more treble sparkle than the Andro 2020. I’d say there’s a sweetness to the Andro 2020’s treble - the sparkle of the OG Andro seems to be reduced now. It would be interesting to compare the OG Andro’s treble directly with the 2020 (and the Clear’s).


The things that struck me first with the andromeda 2020 edition are:

  • Much better tonality for my preference (no more haze-fi)
  • The imaging and layering is excellent
  • I actually like this andromeda…but…
  • It is very, very, very, very source picky just like the old Andromeda - I did A LOT of measurements on various sources, output impedance, and even cable lengths and it all affected sound

I only listened to it out of the IEM port on my RME ADI-2DAC… so it wasn’t a big issue for me, when I get them back I’ll try them with the DAPs I have on hand… maybe straight out of the iPhone and iPad with the best DAC… the Apple dongle :wink:

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I was sent the Andromeda 2020 for review, and I’ve been using it all this past week. It’s good. As in “I’ve been happily jamming out to it 5+ hours a day” good. I’ll probably have the review complete in a couple days, but seems very consistent with what everyone else is hearing. Here’s some brief impressions:

  • Campfire Audio has figured out pinna compensation. The sparkly treble has also been replaced with a much smoother response. Very safe, more laidback tonality that I think will appeal to a wider listening audience.
  • It’s one heck of a technical IEM; seriously, it’s making me re-evaluate my expectations for imaging in this regard.
  • Dynamics seems to be the biggest roadblock, though. And not just in its anemic, bass slam.
  • It’s still sensitive AF. Luckily, I don’t get that hissing on my DX160 once I actually start listening.


Thank you for pointing this out - I’ve also been wondering about macro-dynamics. Out of my AK Jr the Andro 2020 sounds quite polite and gentle, having no real slam or punchiness. There’s a slight softness to the sound. Perhaps there isn’t the attack or sharpness to the leading edges of notes? I’m not sure. I’ll need to listen more carefully.

I suspect the lack of dynamics may also have something to do with the source. I’ve noticed more energy and excitement out of a Magni 3 (on low gain, obviously) and the Fulla 2 - be very, very careful with the volume pot!!! But the Andro 2020 is still soft out of these amps.

I’d been assuming the lack of dynamics might have owed something to coming from the Focal Clear, which have been my go-to over-ear headphone for the past few months. The Clear’s something of a macrodynamic monster, after all.


Haha yea coming from a Focal, dynamics will sound quite limp. (macrodynamics that is)

The lower impedance of your source the more bass response and less treble the Andro will have. Ill post measurements of the impedance/source matching when I feel more comfortable with the measurements I’m taking.


It would be great to see those measurements when you feel comfortable with them!

And, yes, I picked up the AK Jr. a little while ago precisely because I wanted a slightly higher output impedance so as to be able to compare it to my Schiit and iPhone 7, which all have a Zout of below an ohm, I believe. The goal here is to find the right DAP in due course - perhaps the new AK SR25, although now I’m wondering if an iBasso or Hiby might be preferable.

A fun, though not recommended combination I’ve tried with my Andro 2020 is the following: the Airist RDAC, which is dark + through the Magni 3 = the dark, rich texture of the LCD2-C (minus the sub-bass).

Loving these little green wonders. They are probably the most accessible, easily likeable IEM I’ve heard. I’ve thrown the full extent of my musical tastes at them and, while grandness and dynamic lows of my Solaris are certainly missed at times the Andro 2020 hasn’t hit a false note yet. I’ve heard some pretty great all BA IEMs, and while some are more impressive technically none are more enjoyable to listen to on the whole for me.


nice review @Precogvision. best one you’ve written so far!


Posted a quick YouTube review of the 2020 Edition. I’ll post a full on written review in the coming days.


Great overview @antdroid ! I subscribed to your channel and am excited to learn more from you. As I was telling @TylersEclectic, it’s great to see the faces behind the invaluable expertise in this community.


Thanks! I was a little nervous putting my face out there in YT land but its not too bad I guess.