Certificate on headphone.com expired

Hey folks, the SSL certificate for headphone.com has expired, and if you go there (or, say, click on the link to Ian’s review from the product page for the Phonitor X) you get a scary-looking “certificate expired” warning. The redirect works fine if you proceed, but you have to know how to do that. Once you’ve ignored the warning once, it seems to allow further navigation headphone.com with no warnings (at least on Chrome/Edge)


Maybe someone fixed it quickly, because I’m not seeing a problem using Safari on Mac.

I just it on Safari, Chrome and Firefox on my Mac, and none are showing the warning. FF on my Windows machine continues to show the warning (I haven’t navigated past it in FF). Edge and Chrome use the same Chromium engine, so it’s not surprising that they share the same “accept” list too. However, checking the cert using sslshopper.com reveals that the same expired cert is still in place.

Odd I just used sslshopper.com on multiple browsers and all say the certificate for www.headphones.com still has 52 days before expiration.

Headphone.com and headphones.com are two different domains. I believe Taron or Andrew said headphone.com was being retired or something. What better time than when the cert expires.

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They just need to make sure that any content which links to headphone.com has been fixed. No-one likes broken links :slight_smile: