New Website Layout

I just noticed the new layout of the website. It looks great guys. It’s a very clean and clear look at the headphones, availability, etc. Hope everyone takes a look. Must have been done in the last 12 hours because I looked at it late yesterday and it was still the way it’s been for a while. Congrats on the great new look Taron and Andrew.


Thanks @mla7. I’m glad you like it!


It’s very pretty, but you seem to have a rather large “sold out” section.


Ya that’s true and we wish it wasn’t the case.

Unfortunately, COVID has wreaked havoc with our supply chain. Many brands are having trouble getting the parts required to build finished products and once the products are ready to ship the logistics system is in disarray with shipping containers backed up all over the world.

We’re hoping things will return to normal soon, but it’s hard to predict how this will play out.


The new design looks fantastic @andrew and @taronlissimore !!!


I have to agree it looks fab. A cleaner look and for me nicer on the eye too.


New website really looks great. Well done.



Hope then situation is resolved soon. Got a hankering for some new ‘phones!


I just saw this about the “supply chain”. The wife and I were out yesterday and hit a few stores, looking for clothes and at bikes( not audio) and a lot of merchandise is low or absent in a lot of stores. Bicycles are hard to come by in our area. They say, fall and winter could be Covid bad. I sure hope not. I wish things were back to some sense of normal.

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We actually have a customer who works for one of the more prominent bike brands and he said that their stock is completely sold through until summer of 2021 at this point. With the increase in commerce and lack of factory production, demand seems like it’s always going to be at Nintendo Switch levels for the next little while.

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My wife was looking for a 26" cruiser and all the shops but one were out and that’s in a 40 miles radius. . And the owners were already trying to order for the Spring in hopes of updating their inventory… They said its so difficult to get bikes these days. In our area, the cruisers sell so fast during the warmer months, then as cooler weather hits the mountain bikes start selling, road bikes are pretty steady in our area, but always remain slow. .Like you noted the lack of factory production, in so many products these days is making a purchase difficult.